Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sewing for Preemies

Sewing for premature infants has been a ministry that I have been involved in for the past 5 years. I was inspired by an article in Issue #81 of Sew Beautiful to use my sewing talents for God in making heirloom gowns and clothing for tiny premature infants. Soon after reading that article, I started my local Threads of Love Chapter.
Our chapter sews miscarriage wrappers, tiny to full-term burial gowns and clothing for preemies in the NICU unit at our local hospital. Here is a sampling of our NICU preemie sets.
The NICU vest is made to easily dress a preemie with velcro closure in the front and on the shoulders. These vests work well around all the wires that may be connected to the tiny preemie. We also make a hat and blanket to match the vest, and always include a "Lovie Doll". The "Lovie Doll" is made from a toddler tube sock and is created for the new mom to put next to her breast and sleep with it to transfer her scent onto the doll. She then can place the Lovie Doll into her tiny baby's isolette to help in the bonding process - this is very important to the mom, especially when her baby is too tiny to be held. All the sets that we donate to the hospital always include a prayer of healing. I have an article featured in the latest issue of Sew Beautiful, issue #118, entitled "Precious Preemies" and there is a FREE preemie pattern and embroidery design! For more information about my Threads of Love chapter click HERE


melissa sews said...

Oh, what a blessing this must be to those moms and babies! May God bless you for your work in His kingdom. I'm so glad you visited my blog and I was able to return the favor and visit your blog. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn to smock but have felt intimidated. Do you have to have a pleater? I am going to have so much fun browsing your site!!!

Sandy said...

Logo for Sandy Holladay
Laurie do you have any current information on this charity? The reason I ask is I wanted to get it added to the specific groups for additional help to those wanting to make a blanket or cap etc. HOWEVER, I'm hitting one brick wall after another and wondering if the charity is no longer active? I went to the webpage for Threads of Love to see what address should be used to mail donations to and found 2 different address, so was unsure which one was correct. One is Watson, LA and the other one is Dehham Springs, LA. I also tried to find what yarn restrictions there were and couldn't find that on their webpage. So, thought I'd email them for an answer. HOWEVER, the email comes back mail demon as incorrect. Soooooo, then I called them using the phone number listed on the webpage which is a church. The secretary there said the number was incorrect, and that I needed to speak with someone named Mary for the information; that she didn't know anything about it. I asked why that number was listed on the webpage and she didn't know. Next I called the number she gave me for Mary, and got a very rude man who hung up on me saying Mary didn't live there. I'm concerned that people might be making items for a group that is no more?

Leaving you a comment here as well as on The Hive, unsure which one you might see first.


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