Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sewing Scrapbook Idea!

Hello everyone - I REALLY need some help here! I need you to pass on the following link to everyone you know! - this is a wonderful product and you can even use it for scrapbooking!! Make a special Sewing Scrapbook or Journal that keeps track of all the sewing creations you have made - add in a copy of the pattern you used, a swatch of fabric and any other embellishment that you used - where you purchased your supplies, etc - and don't forget to add a picture of what you made - this makes for a great reference tool! Uppercase Living has some great lettering and embellishments you can add to your Sewing Scrapbook and you can even design your own custom expression!! I will post pictures of my Sewing Scrapbook when I get it completed!

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