Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Peep-peep" & Easter Finery!

One of my fondest memories of Kindergarten was when my class placed several chicken eggs into an incubator and waited to see if any would hatch. It normally takes about 21-23 days for eggs to hatch, which is 3 LONG weeks for a kindergartner! It was very exciting to go to school everyday anticipating the hatching of the eggs. I remember the day that all of us watched in amazement when one of the eggs started to crack, as the little baby chick inside worked to peck away the egg. Finally the egg hatched into a very wet sort of ugly bird which once dried became a cute fuzzy little yellow baby chick! It seemed like it took forever as that baby chick worked and worked to get out of that egg! Our class named the little chick "Peep-peep" and it became our classroom mascot for several weeks. We each got to take turns taking it home over the weekend. I was the lucky girl that got to have it over Easter break! I had soooo much fun with "Peep-peep" - and it is something that I will NEVER forget! Here are some pictures of me & "Peep-peep" on Easter Morning! Look closely, "Peep-peep" is sitting on my shoulder! LOL! You may already be wondering what happened to "Peep-peep" when she grew up - I will tell that at the end of this post, so keep reading! By the way, the big bunny rabbit was an Easter gift from my oldest brother. I remember he won it at some sort of Fair or something!

And here is "Peep-peep" in my Easter basket, which brings me to discuss Easter dresses.
I was the only girl with 3 older brothers in my family, so I am sure my mom & grandmothers had a great time dressing me up for Easter! I can always remember wearing smocked dresses, tho few, if any, were handmade. This one appears to have smocking on the front.
Here is another picture of me in a smocked Easter Dress - I was probably about 4 or 5 years old. This is a cute pink classic smocked yoke dress. 
I have a daughter too, and since I LOVE to sew, you can be sure that she was dressed in a hand-smocked or heirloom dress for Easter too! 
Times have really not changed much in children's dress styles since I was a child and since when my daughter was a child.....the classic remains just what it is - a Classic! Really the only thing that seems to change is the length of the dress. Here is a dress I smocked for my grand-daughter last Easter. As you can see from the 1960's to 2009 - the peter pan collar, puffed sleeves and classic smocked yoke style has not changed too much! This is great because you can get alot of milage out of a classic pattern using it for generations to come!

Lucky for me, I think she is going to be able to wear this dress again this year! The dress is made from Pink Linen and I would probably never do that again - as you can see, it looks great freshly ironed, but after it's on & sitting in church for an hour, it gets pretty wrinkled! 

Many of you are still in the midst of finishing up the last of your Easter sewing for 2009! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and remember that Easter isn’t at all about new dresses, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs as such, though these things are nice to have at Easter time. I’ve heard it said that the Easter egg represents new life, just as a chicken hatches from an egg. It is okay to enjoy chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs at Easter time, but let's not forget the real meaning of Easter - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him.
Oh, and what ever happened to "Peep-peep"? Well, after "Peep-peep" made her rounds to our homes, our Kindergarten class went to Mott Hashbarger Children's Farm and let "Peep-peep" live out the rest of her life on the farm! Of course, my brothers being the big brothers they were, would often tell me that "Peep-peep" ended up on someone's dinner table!!

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