Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smock'in a bonnet!

I have 2 smocked bonnets I am working on - both are baby gifts. I thot I would share on my blog my progression of just the smocking. This is bonnet #1. I just made up the smocking as I went along - no pattern to follow. Sorry for the color differences in the pics - lighting wasn't the best for some of them.

All pleated and ready to smock - I pleated 5 rows.

On Row 1 & Row 5, I stitched the cable stitch.

Sorry, forgot to take a pic in between here, but I added 3 cables
above and below Row 1 & 5 in a darker shade of pink. I then decided 
to do 2-step trellis waves on Rows 2-4 in the darker shade of pink.

Using an even darker shade of pink, I stitched 2 stacked cables in every other 
diamond, and I wanted to work it in a diagonal, but since I was making it up, 
I wasn't sure just where I was going to go from there.
I decided to go back and stitch 2 stacked cables on the top & bottom rows of diamonds.

To finish it off, I then decided to add a little bling to it and stitched 
2 stacked cables on the middle row in green.

Here is the completed sequence - I am calling this design "Confetti"

Once I completely finish the bonnet, I will post pictures, but first I am going to 
smock Bonnet #2 - once again, I plan to just make it up as I go along and see what
I can come up with! :)


rufflebunnies said...

Stop by my blog. I have given you the Attitude of Gratitude award!!!

Patsy said...

Great job!! Love the colors, the configuration, and the design. I found your blog from a link on another and I am so glad I stopped in. You are so talented. Have a blessed weekend!!!

Nanette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy smocking, shadow embroidery and other more detailed work but am now designing patterns. I usually save those hand smocked and heirloom items for special little people in my life. I will be visiting again. You do beautiful work.

Bunny said...

Great name for the bonnet and beautiful as always!

Julie said...

Love it,every part of it.to bad my daughter is almost 3yrs old,still my baby,but too big for a bonnet lol.can you make a tutorial on youtube,if you can.always love your work,thanks for inspiring me,you are a blessing.


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