Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oops! it's too short, now what?

I decided to blog again on another sewing room "Ooops!" I was in the midst of making an A-line reversible jumper and after cutting it out, I decided that altho the top portion of the jumper looked like it would be the correct size, the rest of it just looked too short to me. I am using the same pattern that I used for the jon-jon/shortalls in my previous blog entry. Often times this can happen when you don't have the little person you are sewing for right there to check measurements. I am sure others have had this happen, so I decided to show you all what I did to make this little jumper longer without detracting from the cuteness of it!
I decided to add about 4" in length, so using the cut out skirt as my guide, I marked and measured on some excess fabric and cut 2 pieces of fabric of each of the fabrics. I decided to make the added pieces out of the contrast fabric just to give the jumper a little character!

I serged the added length to all bottom portions of the jumper.

Once the panels were added, it was time to monogram the fronts of the jumper and lining. I also decided to make a pocket for one side of the jumper, so used the contrast fabric to coordinate with the added hem.
Here are pictures of the completed reversible jumper.

Using the fonts in my Artista Ver. 5 software, I created the "M" and MaKenna

I also digitized the butterfly applique since I couldn't find one anywhere that would coordinate like I wanted it to for this jumper.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with how this "Oops!" turned out and I think that it is also an easy fix for when you want to lengthen a previously made dress - just add a contrasting fabric to the hemline and you are set! I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of some sewing Oops! 
Next blog entry will be TWO easy summer sundresses - all pattern instructions will be included, so make sure you join to follow my blog so that you don't miss it!


rufflebunnies said...

Great save and it's darling!!! Can't wait to see the patterns!!!

Amanda said...

Its so cute!! I love girls clothes.


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