Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uh-ohhh! It doesn't fit! Now what?!?!

How many times have you made something and then said  "Uh-ohhh! It doesn't fit! Now what!". I spent several days making 3 pair of Jon-jon's for my grandson, Paxton. In a sense, these were 6 jon-jons, since I made them reversible. Here are pics of the 3/6 pair of jon-jon's I made, as always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it:

He wears size 24 mos in RTW (Ready To Wear) clothes, so I figured that making a size 2 would be plenty big on him - WRONG!!! After hours upon hours of machine applique work, I tried on one pair of the jon-jon's on him on Monday and gasp! they were too snug around the tummy, and almost too short in the torso. Now what?! was my first response - there was NO WAY I was going to just throw all my hours of sewing to the wayside. I just had to come up with a way to make these jon-jon's fit him! 
On Tuesday, I set out to come up with an idea that would work to make these jon-jon's fit! Lucky for me, I still had plenty of fabric left. I decided that I could add in panels to the side seams and that would give the needed room thru the tummy. I cut the strips 2 1/2" wide by the length of the side seams.  Since the front side of the jon-jons are the seersucker stripe, I figured that the stripes would really easily hide these added seams. For the solid side, I chose to also use the striped fabric for the panels which I think gives it a sporty look and ties in nicely with the Monogram Applique on the front. Here is how the finished added in panels look on the solid sides of the jon-jons:

My next dilemma was to give some added length to the torso. I had thought about just adding a button-on tab at the shoulders, but, I really didn't need to add much more than an inch or so. I decided that I could just add to the back straps and once buttoned, the seam line would be hidden by the front tab. Here is a picture of the added fabric to the tab:

I am very pleased with how my "fix-it" job turned out - next time I will make sure I check measurements before I cut and sew!

For those wondering - the pattern I used for the reversible Jon-Jon's is from Martha Pullen's Favorite Applique Book:  


Momma Snail said...

Great save! Your applique is perfect. Great job!

Bunny said...

Awesome save! These are darling.

glenna said...

I like the look of the side stripes. Had you not told the world, nobody would have guess it was an after thought. :-)


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