Friday, June 12, 2009

Sewing Retreat!

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending 4 days with 10 other women at my friend and sewing colleague, Sara Norris' cabin. Her & her husband have a darling, cozy cabin on a lake in southwest TN, and she was so gracious to share it with her sewing sisters! The women traveled from several areas of middle TN, Mississippi and as far away as California! The ages of our group ranged from early 30's on up - some who are mothers of small children to those who have grandkids! This was our 2nd annual retreat and all of us met thru the wonders of the internet on a sewing forum several years ago. Our friendships have developed beyond the internet after our 1st retreat last year. This year we decided to focus on Threads of Love - a ministry that I have been involved in for the past 5 years. Sara is just beginning her Threads of Love Ministry, and several other ladies are now considering starting a Threads of Love Ministry as well. We spent the entire weekend tracing patterns, cutting fabric and placing all "sets" into zip-lock bags, where they were carefully labeled to correct size. After that gowns were pleated and passed off to a group who would hand-smock them. It was very touching to me, to hear the ladies tell how as they hand-smocked each gown, they would say a prayer for the little one that would receive it! It takes a special group of ladies who are not only willing to spend a weekend sewing for charity, but to sincerely pray for this ministry too!
After the gowns were smocked, they would be passed on to ladies who finished up the gowns on the sewing machine. It was pretty special to take a break and just look around as women worked in groups of 3-5, with everyone having a task at hand and all of us accomplishing the goal. We cut out and/or stitched up 187 items over the weekend! This has been a great help to my local ministry and a big help to Sara, who is just starting her ministry!
We didn't spend the entire weekend sewing - we had our evenings where it was like one big high school girls pajama party - all talking and telling stories and mostly sharing tips, tricks & ideas about what we all love to do, which is sew! The first nite we stayed up till 4am chatting, the 2nd nite some ladies stayed up till 5 am - I woke up somewhere around 2am hearing what sounded like school-girl giggles in the hallway! I found out the next morning that one of our "girls" got stuck on the top bunk and couldn't get down, and hollered for help...LOL....several ran to her rescue which caused alot of giggling in the process!
Here is a slideshow of our weekend together - we are already looking forward to our 3rd annual Sewing Retreat in 2010!


Goosegirl said...

Oh it looks like you girls had so much fun!! I hope to come join you all someday. You were so productive!!!

antartida said...

Hello! My mother and i are very happys for see your blog, thanks for your inpiration, we don´t speak english fine, bud only we wont say you, you are a grand artist and my mother seid she hasn´t your level and she has´t blog.
We love your jobs!!!!
A Kiss from Spain!!!!


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