Monday, August 10, 2009

Making your own personal Sewn-in Labels

If you like to sew for others, even your own children, you probably have considered purchasing some of the many adorable custom labels that you have seen at one time or another. You can buy standard sew-in labels at most craft/sewing stores but to get really custom labels you have to pay big bucks and get stuck with way more than you might need. Why not make your own? It's not only quick and easy, but a very economical way to get your own personal labels! I have made a step-by-step tutorial to show you just how quick and easy it is to make your very own customized personal sew-in labels!

First you will need to buy fabric sheets that you can run
thru your printer. There are many different companies that make these, here is the brand that I purchased at my local Hobby Lobby store:

Here are some sample labels of mine: (click on any picture to see a larger image)

The first step is to open MSWord, or Pages on your Mac, and start typing in what you would like your label to say. You can play with all kinds of fonts to get the look you want. You can even import simple logos that you may have that you might want to include in your label. Keep in mind tho, that logos will take up space and sometimes it is just better to simplify it by sticking to words. You can incorporate your logo into a business card that you can use as hang tags on any garments you might be making to sell.

My labels are approx. 1.25" x 3", so once you make one, you can then copy and paste as many as you can onto the page. Once it looks like you want, then hit print and print your labels on to a plain piece of paper - this gives you a chance to see how the labels will look and allow you to make any changes needed before you print onto the fabric sheets.

When you are happy with how you want your labels, load the fabric sheet into the printer with the fabric side down and paper side up & close the paper tray door.

Next step is to go back to your computer and print the page. Once printing is complete, remove the printed fabric sheet from the printer and allow it to air dry for about 2 minutes. With a hot iron on cotton setting, press the fabric to set the ink. Do not run your iron back and forth - pick up the iron and set down on each area of the fabric sheet until you have pressed the entire sheet.
Using a spray bottle of equal parts white vinegar and water, spray the printed fabric sheet as shown - soaking the entire sheet. As you spray, the paper backing is going to cause the edges to curl up as shown, do not peel the paper away from the back - it needs to stay in place - reposition as needed.

Flip the sheet over to the paper side and press again, then flip over to fabric side and press till dry. You will notice that the fabric sheet has shrunk a bit from the paper....just make sure the fabric sheet is centered as best as possible on the paper sheet backing.

The next step is to take the fabric sheet to the cutting table. You can use scissors, but I prefer using a scrap-booking paper cutter. Cut the labels into strips, then cut strips into individual labels as shown:

Once that step is complete, you will need to fray check all 4 sides of the label and let dry. When you are ready to use the label, peel the paper backing away and discard.

Fold the label in half and stitch into garment! It's just as easy as that!
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial and that you will be inspired to make your own labels!


rufflebunnies said...

great tutorial!!! thanks!!

Jennifer said...

GREAT tutorial!

Tracy's Cakes said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and helpful tutorial. I can't wait to make my own labels for my aprons.

Rosieq said...

Good morning...I'm sposed to be out walking...instead it's vinegar and water on the label sheet...what a great idea!!! That vinegar is such a wonderful product...I remember setting creases in double knits (yes, I'm ancient) with white vinegar! Do you suppose it holds those tiny pleats they are using in fashions today? Just a thought for the day!

ShannonSews said...

Thanks for the great tips!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!!
I have been wanting some labels to put in my grands outfits and projects.

DollieDimples Boutique said...

That is a awesome post! I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks

DollieDimples Boutique said...

That is a very creative post. I'm going to have to give these labels a try. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is a very good tutioral I am excited about making my own labels.

Anonymous said...

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