Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Handmade Christmas!

It's December 1st and Christmas is just 25 days away and it will be amazing how quickly those days pass us by! Early December is when we usually attend Christmas Parties that often involve an ornament or small gift exchange. Those of us who sew, or are crafty, enjoy giving something handmade. Making Christmas gifts has become something of the past, so bring the spirit of Christmas back and give something handmade!
Even if you don't attend a Christmas Party, you might enjoy making handmade items with your children or grandchildren. I stumbled upon a website this morning with all kinds of ideas for handmade Christmas items and I thought it was a great resource to bookmark! The website is
Christmas crafts - Free Quick Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts.

A few of my favorite handmades for Christmas are smocked ornaments & stockings.

I personalized my smocked stocking by adding a custom machine embroidered label to the back!

Hand tatted snowflakes & machine embroidered ornaments are also a favorite!

Here are a few resources for making hand smocked ornaments, tatted snowflakes & machine embroidered ornaments:

I hope you have a beautifully Handmade Christmas this year!

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