Saturday, January 9, 2010

Collecting Vintage Buttons

After reading a blog post about Beautiful Antique Button Cards by Jeannie Beaumeister of Old Fashioned Baby, it inspired me to share about my own collection of vintage buttons!

I began collecting Vintage Buttons when I became the inheritress of a large button collection from both sides of my family. Many of these buttons came from my grandmothers who grew up during The Great Depression. Back then, out of necessity they recycled buttons from worn out garments to use in replacing lost buttons or to use in new garments that were made. I treasure my Vintage Button collections, as I wonder what garment it might have been a part of in another era.

I display many of my loose vintage buttons in Mason Jars along side other vintage sewing tools & spools that I also collect.

Some of my treasured vintage buttons are still on their original cards, with many of them being Mother of Pearl.


I also enjoy using my vintage button on heirloom garments that I make for special occasions, as well as in other various crafts. In Sew Beautiful Magazine's Issue #122, which was the 1st ever Pink Issue, I was honored to have my Vintage Button Pillows featured on the cover with an article about them the magazine.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Vintage Button Collection and next time I will share another one of my vintage sewing collections! Please share my blog with others - when I get to 50 followers I will start doing some nifty give-aways!


ShirleyC said...

I have some old buttons from my mom's collection, and I try to use them on things for Shelby when possible just to make them special. I noticed the crocheted type button above the blue card. I have a couple of those. They are unique, but not enough to use on anything. I love buttons.

LAnderson said...

I love those crocheted ones too, but could never cut them from the card! LOL!

Jeannie B. said...

We are fellow button lovers!! I love your old Buttons!! They are all wonderful but the Luckyday girl steals my heart!!

Linda K. said...

Yes, isn't it fun collecting buttons? Nice collection you have here. Love your header too! Thank you for stopping by Robin's Egg Blues.



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