Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five pair of Scissors for Sewing

In my Sewing Room I have 5 pair of scissors that I can't live without - or I guess I should say, I can't sew without!

Gingher is the most popular brand that I own for sewing scissors, and I think I have at least 10 types of Gingher Brand Scissors in my sewing room!
The Mundial Red Dot Scissors in the middle, are used strictly for all paper cutting, such as patterns or paper-backed stabilizers. Nothing dulls a good pair of fabric scissors than cutting on paper, so that is why I have a specific pair of scissors that I use just for paper cutting. I also use these for cutting all my stabilizers for machine embroidery .
I have 2 sizes of Gingher Dressmaker Scissors that I use; 8" and 6". I use both when cutting fabric - I like the 8" pair when I am cutting long, straight lines, and I use the 6" pair when I am cutting around necks, armholes or other shorter or tighter areas.

My 4" curved blade scissors are a constant companion while I sew. They come in handy not only for hand embroidery, but I use them on all my machine embroidery projects. The curved blade allows me to get to the tail of the thread that needs to be cut off more easily, especially when trimming threads while I am doing machine embroidery. I also find them very useful for cutting close around the curved edge of whatever project I might be working on. The pointed blade is also useful when you need to snip out stitches if you have made a mistake - and we all do make mistakes while sewing.  I tend to use these more than I do a seam ripper.

I think my most favorite pair of scissors are my 4" needlecraft KAI scissors! This brand of scissors is made in Japan and I think they are the sharpest pair of scissors I have ever used in my life. The point on these little buggers can be deadly - I have harpooned myself on several occasions, and even snipped into my hand with them, nearly needing stitches, but they still are my favorite. I learned about KAI scissors when I went to the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion in February of 2008. I took the Debbie Glenn School, where she introduced us to KAI scissors. I think just about everyone in our class bought a pair from her - they were a pretty hot item on Teacher Selling Nite. Cutting buttonholes is a breeze with these scissors! I have never cut buttonholes as easy with any other pair of scissors! They are also perfect for detailed cutting and trimming. By the way, the little charm on my scissors is how I mark my scissors when I am sewing with other people - I can easily identify my scissors and not lose track of them!
I am so impressed with the KAI scissors that I plan to buy a pair of dressmaker scissors in the near future - it's not that I am not happy with my Gingher's, I am just soooo impressed with the fine stainless steel with vanadium that they are made from - they just don't get dull like other scissors.
How many pair of scissors do you use in your sewing projects and what's your favorite pair?
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