Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days=Sew Days!

Here in Middle Tennessee we just don't get much snow in the winter. Often times we get predictions of snow that sends everyone in a panic, only to be let down by getting none of the white stuff. The panic of a prediction of snow still sends people running to Kroger and buying bread, milk & eggs, which always makes me wonder if they are planning to live on French Toast in the event of being snowed in! I was raised in Michigan, so piles of snow was never a big deal to me - that is until I moved to the South. I have lived here nearly 17 years and when it snows, it's best to just stay home. The surface of the ground can freeze so quickly here, then top it with just a little snow and inexperienced drivers on the roads, and it can become a dangerous situation in a hurry. We just don't have snow plows here, so when we get a big snow, you can just plan on being stuck inside for awhile. Being stuck inside really isn't such a bad thing tho because Snow Days can become wonderful Sew Days! Here's the view from my sewing room window today, as we are already up to a good 5" of snow!
What do you like to sew when you are stuck inside on a Snow Day?


Abby N Kay Boutique said...

This is so true. We were already up to 4" by noon yesterday (Thank goodness the weather lady said I would only get maybe 2") and I have spent yesterday and today finishing up all my projects. -Amanda

Memaw's memories said...

Although, I didn't get any sewing done, I did go through my scraps and got some sorted out for strip quilting and some pieces that would do for bigger projects. I watched Carol Doak do a paper pieced block the other day, and would love to do some of that.


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