Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to my sewing room!

I really hesitated on creating a blog post about my sewing room, as I was a bit ashamed at what a total wreck it had become. In fact, I wrote this post about 2 days ago and have been trying to decide whether to post it or not. Of course, I don't want my readers to think I am a slob, but the truth is, when you sew, the sewing room can get out of control in a hurry! When it gets to be an overwhelming mess, it can really put a damper on your creativity - there are times when I have walked into my sewing room, looked at the mess and turned around and walked right back out! I have "sew" much stuff that it can get overwhelming at times. I inherited a large portion of my sewing stash from a relative, so it more than doubled what I already had.
I am fortunate enough to have one room in my house dedicated entirely to sewing. This room used to be called "the train room" when my kids were little. My son has large train table that took up most of the room. When he outgrew his trains and I outgrew my little sewing room on the main floor of the house, I decided to take over "the train room" and make it my sewing room, altho the train border on the walls has remained. A bigger room gave me more space to collect more stuff and soon enough my large sewing room became cluttered and once again out of control.
I'm almost ashamed to show you these pictures, but after visiting many websites of other sewing room disasters, I wasn't feeling so bad after all! In fact, my sewing room mess didn't even compare with some of them that I saw online!
With the new year just beginning, I decided to take a new approach on my sewing room and do some re-organizing to help keep things a bit more in control! The challenge is going to be to keep it this way! Here's the result of 2 days of work in my sewing room, showing you the before and after shots. You can click on each picture to enlarge it.

Before and after shot of when you walk into my sewing room - this little corner changed very little. I have an antique Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with my smocked bonnets displayed above. All the gowns on the wall belonged to several generations of my family.

The Pie Safe holds fabric - I moved that to another area of the room and replaced that area with a drafting table where I can work on designing patterns. Under it, I have a bank of drawers with flat folds of fabric and also stacked several bolts of 60" and thicker fabrics. This opened up my cutting table to be fully functional, rather than a "collect-all". By the way - my cutting table is the train table - I designed a wooden top for the table & had my husband built it so that I could use it as my cutting table. It's at the perfect height for standing at the table and comfortably working. I bought a large cutting mat from Jo-Ann's to cover the top of the table.
My smocking pleater sits on the table extension that holds the train controls, and behind that is a large light box that my dad made for me. The white stack of drawers has 2 drawers that hold spools and spools of thread and the other drawers hold sewing notions & embroidery disks. I have a table top ironing board that I have tucked away that I can put on my cutting table for ironing while I am working on a project. Under the train/cutting table is used for extra storage - like all the trains & buildings from the train table, along with boxes of patterns for sewing.

I have an L-shaped table that I have my Bernina Artista 200 set up on and also have an area for my computer. Under the table I have a cabinet that holds computer software, design disks and my printer. I also have a wooden crate with my most-used patterns close at hand.

My white Koala sewing cabinet now holds my Babylock Evolve Serger, and the brown cabinet is full of flat folds of fabric. The Singer Featherweight used to be my grandmother's, and I use it for quilting projects. The little antique sewing table next to that is pretty neat, as the top drawer turns out, rather than pulls out like a regular drawer, and holds spools of thread on little wooden dowels.

This end of the room is where I moved my pie safe too, which is full of flat folds of fabric & sewing notions. I have a rather large collection of sewing books and magazines that are in the bookcase and in notebooks under & next to the pie safe.

I suppose I could do a much better job at re-organizing my sewing room, but for now I am happy with the results - I am no longer sitting on the floor cutting out my patterns, I have full use of my cutting table. I am also not drafting patterns on the floor, I have a nicely lighted area that I can sit on a stool and work from. I have bolts of fabric close at hand, making use of the table where it isn't so easy to reach, but perfect for fabric bolts, and my drawers of notions close at hand.
I hope you enjoyed a visit in my sewing room - if you need sewing room organization ideas, there is a whole page of sewing rooms to check out here!


Sue said...

Your sewing room looks great! Mine looks like a train just came through:(

CJ said...

I am strewn all over the dining room, with bins of fabric stash in various rooms of the house. It's crazy! I've got to take inspiration from you and find a nook somewhere to keep it all in one space. I may try to convert the home office into a craft/office. Any advice is welcome!

Goosegirl said...

Laurie, I love your sewing room. Can I come over and play?
Oh, and I love your playlist. I was singing along while checking out your pretty pictures.

LAnderson said...

I would LOVE to have sewing friends come over and play!
It's sooo easy to let things get out of control when you are sewing. I know not everyone has the luxury of having a room specifically for sewing. If you can even find a nook and cranny somewhere that you can use for your sewing, then work with what you have and try to keep it all in one area. Converting a home office into a craft/office is a great idea, especially since the computer has become a much needed ingredient for machine embroiderers!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I just found your blog :o)
I actually found you by google searching "how to smock videos" and tah dah!

Very wonderful video tutorials! I had done smocked Easter dresses for our girls when they were 3 and 4 they are grown! With our older daughter (at just recently clebrating her first anniversary...I am looking ofrward to future grandbabies :o) And would love to try smocking again :o)

Your sewing room looks wonderful!

Blessings & Aloha!

Jeannie B. said...

I like the way you have organized 'areas' in your sewing room. Very nice! I love seeing peoples sewing rooms!

Smocking with Gwen said...

Laurie...just spotted this post. Love your ORGANIZED creative space. Really great space. I'm working on getting a bigger and better space...just have to convince my husband to help clean out the basement space below our master bedroom. It's as big as the master with a table a neighbor gave me when she did custom drapery. It's large enough for a full 96" length and 60" wide fabric. I have a few bar stools around it and everything is so disorganized!!!! Maybe I've just been motivated. My daughter and kids are here for Tennessee's spring break so it will not happen soon. Thanks for sharing, Gwen


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