Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Silk Satin Ribbon Smocked Bonnet

The suspense was starting to kill a few people, so I decided I better finish up my project and show you what I was making the Entredeaux for!
This project started out as experiments in "sew" many ways. My first experiment was making my own Entredeaux, my 2nd experiment was attaching smocking to a panel of silk satin ribbon using my homemade Entredeaux between the two. As you can see, my experiment was a huge success!
As you can see, I used 3 rows of my Entredeaux. It is stitched between the gathered lace edging and the lace insertion, between the lace insertion and the silk satin ribbon and it is between the silk satin ribbon and the smocking. 

Using it between the smocking and the silk satin ribbon was a big help in getting that smocking to look smooth butted up it. I used a tiny zigzag stitch to attach my Entredeaux in all areas.
I set my zigzag stitch so that the needle would hit directly inside each of the holes of the Entredeaux as it was stitched.
The back of the bonnet has a ribbon casing surrounded by 2 layers of lace edging that are two different widths (sorry it's hard to see that in the picture)
The front of the bonnet also features 2 rows of gathered lace edging with the shorter width to the inside of the bonnet. 
Fabric is silk satin batiste in a creamy off-white. I had to tea-stain all my laces due to the fact that al my ecru laces were too dark of a shade. I tea-stained them, then dipped the lace in a mixture of bleach and water and then quickly rinsed my lace, which gave me the exact creamy off-white tone I needed to match both my silk satin batiste and the silk satin ribbon.


Sara said...

OMG!!! How did I not know this was for a project???? I just thought you were fooling around, making your own entredeaux!!!
This is TDF gorgeous!!!! I love how you did the lace around the front. It is just breathtaking!!!
Please tell me you are going to offer a pattern somewhere for this????

Silver Pansy Designs said...

This is fabulous! Please offer a pattern.

LAnderson said...

Awe, thanks for the compliment! I will get busy and write up complete instructions for the bonnet - I think I am gonna get a few requests for it! LOL!

The wide silk satin ribbon would also lend well to add some silk ribbon embroidery on it - I am still contemplating on if I want to leave it plain or add something - I'm kinda leaning on just leaving it "plain", as I don't want to pull the eye away from the smocking and lace.

julia said...

Your song choice says it all, "How Beautiful!" I am very glad I found your blog. Thanks, Sara!

Victoria said...

(sigh) beautiful! and the entredeaux looks VERY nice. Thank you so much for sharing this precious bonnet with us 

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Wow... that's just all I have to say about it. Wow.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh! This bonnet turned out beautifully!

Blessings & Aloha!

Linda K. said...

What a precious bonnet. My mother made infant clothing years ago for her grandchildren. It brings back memories. Your bonnet really is adorable and well made.



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