Friday, February 12, 2010

What's the big ta-doo about Entradeaux?!

Ok, I realize some of you probably can't even pronounce the word, let alone know what the heck it is! Entredeaux - pronounced like "On-tra-dough" or some pronounce it as "On-tra-due", is a narrow strip of batiste with small holes running down the center. This is used in heirloom sewing, to join lace to fabric or lace to lace. The lace or fabric is sewn next to the holes, creating a lovely finish when the batiste is cut away on the underside and zigzagged with a very small zigzag stitch. 
Have you ever thought about making your own Entredeaux? With today's sewing machines, it's really quite quick and simple of a task to accomplish and the results are stunning!

For my sample, I used organdy rather than batiste. I began by tearing a strip of organdy about 1" wide. Starch and press the organdy. 
Next look for a stitch on your machine that looks like diamonds with a line thru it. On my Bernina Artista 200, it is stitch #701
Set the stitch width to 3.o and length to 2.5.
Place Stitch 'n Ditch or tissue paper under fabric.
Use a 120/19 Wing Needle
Stitch down the center of the piece of fabric.

Flip the strip over and tear the Stitch 'n Ditch away.
Finished Entredeaux! Now to use it!
I used my Entredeaux in between the lace edging and lace insertion, between the lace insertion and the wide silk satin ribbon and between the silk satin ribbon and smocking!
Entredeaux really is a big ta-doo in Heirloom Sewing as it just gives that finishing touch when joining laces. Making your own Entredeaux takes a little bit of time, but it's really worth it. One reason I made my own for this project was that I wanted to match my thread to my fabric and laces. This project was also a big experiment for me, as I was testing joining wide silk satin ribbon to smocking - the Entredeaux ended up being the perfect trim for joining the ribbon to the smocking!


Sara said...

fabulous results!!! I really need to try this!!! Looks like an interesting project you are working on!!!

LAnderson said...

Thanks Sara - the reveal of what I am making will be in a future post! Stay tuned!

Sewbusymor said...

Lovely, and I can only imagine the poject!! What weight thread?? 60? 80? just making sure before I start!

Memaw's memories said...

What a great idea. I'm not very good at attaching the entredeux to my garments. Can you do a short tutorial on that sometime? I'm self taught and could always use some tips from the pros.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Amazing...I look forward to what you have to share...

Blessings & Aloha!
(yay! a few days off from work, so am catching up a little on my favorite blog reads... I have housework organizing and drawing orders to get to too :o)

Julia said...

Sara, your first commenter on this post, suggested that I check into your blog. I'm so glad she did. What a great tutorial on making my own entredeaux!!! It is fairly expensive. This will definitely come in handy.
I have a question about my pleater that Sara thought you might be able to answer. If you don't mind to go to my blog post for today and see if you know the answer to my dilemma, I would truly appreciate it. I have just become one of your followers. I sew for 5, soon to be 6 grands!

mainelymoose said...

Love your website and your blog! Also want to Thank You for all the LOVELY outfits you make for the, "Sew Beautiful" magazine,you are truely talented. I noticed looking through your web site, your patterns are the ones I always make. Living up here in Northern Maine if you needed to run out and purchase anything for heirloom sewing you would be tough out of luck quite literally!!! So- making your own entradeaux is really your best option a side from ordering it... You can become very creative if you are not afraid to play with your machine, different stitches and somtimes I use a double wing needle, lots of fun!
So glad I found your site today, It's wicked nice to meet you :)

LAnderson said...

Thank everyone! I hope I have inspired you to make your own entredeaux - it's really quite fun!

scarlette said...

thank you so much, your posting came at the absolute best time, as all things do. the entradeaux tutorial was wonderful and worked just perfectly for me - helped me to have the same machine as you. thanks again it is great!

zees5 said...

Wow! That's great. I LOVE entradeaux. I mean really love it. Thanks for sharing.


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