Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enchanting Embellishments!

Last Saturday I participated in a SAGA workshop with Cindy Foose. In case you missed it, you can read about the morning workshop here. The afternoon workshop was called "Enchanting Embellishments" and, as always, Cindy teaches some pretty unique embellishments.
We began with working on a single chain stitch, which is in red.
We then, worked on a very cool variation of the chain stitch, called a bi-color chain stitch, sometimes also known as the "magic" chain. By threading 2 contrasting colors in the same needle, you alternate the loops which creates an interesting embellishment.
Another variation of the chain stitch is the Twisted Chain Stitch. This chain stitch variation is best used along a finished edge or in place of a braid. Wouldn't this be darling on the edge of a collar?
We also learned some embellishment stitches made with knots, which can add interest to collars, cuffs, bodices, pockets, tucks, hem lines or in open areas of garments, linens or home dec projects. The knot stitch to the left is called "the simplicity knot" and it is "first cousin" to the ever popular granito of Madeira fame. This is a nice stitch to use on baby garments to add a little spot of color or texture. The tiny knot you see to the right is a washable knot-stitch, and it's an alternative to the French knot.
This knot stitch is called a "compact knot stitch" and it's an excellent choice as a hem embellishment. Next time I work this stitch, I think I will use tiger tape, as you see in the photo to the right. Tiger tape will help to keep my stitches evenly spaced.
This stitch is called the cable stitch. It is created by alternating two types of stitches to create the cable; a Kensington Outline and the Crewel Outline. This stitch is used in the same principle as the cable stitch in smocking.
The Twisted Running Stitch is a darling alternative for the usual outline stitch. My twisted running stitch is worked on a tuck and it covers the machine running stitch with a decorative thread weaved in the stitches. To the far left I worked the twisted running stitch in each stitch and the left side is worked in every other stitch, which gives a pretty scalloped look. Wouldn't  this be a beautiful embellishment on a baby gown?
This last embellishment is called The Sheaf Stitch, and is formed by typing groups of thread together in such a way as to resemble sheaves of wheat. Using tatting thread and tiger tape, the stitch is particularly nice for joining rows of bias tubing or hemmed skirt sections. The sheaf stitch can be used in any situation where fagoting would be appropriate. Once the stitch is complete, you would remove the tiger tape from behind and have a beautiful embellished stitch between the sections.
If you ever get the chance to attend a workshop with Cindy Foose, I highly recommend it - she is an excellent teacher and you will enjoy every minute of your time spent in her class! Many thanks to the "Sew Many Things" SAGA Chapter in Franklin, TN for hosting this Cindy Foose Workshop! I enjoyed every minute of it! By the way, Cindy is teaching at the 2010 SAGA conference in Norfolk, Virginia, in September, if you are able to attend. Take a look at the brochure - there are some wonderful classes being offered!
Tomorrow I will be announcing a giveaway as a Thank you to all of you who have helped me reach 100+ followers! I was going to post it today, but since this journal entry is fairly long I decided to save it for tomorrow! :)


MamaCta! said...

Hi Laurie! My name is Clara and I work for Fashionable Fabrics. Thanks for visiting our Facebook page and leaving your link! I love your blog, and I was so excited when I clicked over, because I was thinking recently, wouldn't it be nice to learn a few techniques to embellish some plain clothing and make it more colorful or elegant? These are great ideas. I am not the best at hand stitching, but some of these look do-able, even for me!
Well again, thanks for stopping by, and I will definitely be back to peek in on your next project!

Esther Grant said...

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful stitches. I had read about Tiger Tape but your pictures helped me visualize it's usefulness so much better. I am looking forward to this year's SAGA convention as it will be the first one I hope to attend. Many thanks again.

Julia said...

Oh thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas for embellishments.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Mimi Susan said...

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