Thursday, April 1, 2010


Aprons have been cooks' companions for hundreds of years. Indeed, aprons were used by men and women for a variety of tasks long before they were seen on 1950s television. During this era, women were portrayed as homemakers and good mothers and you rarely saw them without their aprons.

Some researchers point to Biblical references about aprons. They cite a passage in which Adam and Eve sewed together fig leaves to make aprons to cover themselves. We traditionally think of aprons being used for cooking, and while that is true, they have served as a cover-up for other tasks that tend to be messy. Occupations such as butchers, welders and bakers have always used aprons to protect both their clothing and bodies from their work.
For centuries, homemakers have used aprons. Even since the early 19th century, women have used aprons to keep their clothing clean. They have also used aprons to carry essential utensils such as rolling pins, for gathering and carrying eggs and for transporting kindling wood. Aprons have been an effective tool for many, many years.
It was not until the 1940s and 1950s that society started to see the stereotypes of the ""perfect mother"" who always wore an apron, no matter what. Until that time, aprons were thought of as a functional piece of the wardrobe.
Today's aprons are more stylish. Perhaps surprisingly, aprons have made a fashionable comeback, even making occasional runway appearances in the form of the apron dress.
I bought this pattern probably a year ago and always had good intentions to make some aprons, but it always seemed like I was busy with other projects. A couple weeks ago, I had occasion to finally use my pattern and I made an apron for a birthday gift for a dear friend of mine.
I really liked the apron that had the ruffle, so that's the one I decided to make her.
I think the back of the apron is just as cute as the front! I just love the tied bow in the back! 
For an added touch, I monogrammed my friend's initials on the front pocket!
I chose to use the bright yellow rick rack so that it would stand out with a festive appearance, as it picks up the little bit of yellow that is in the printed fabrics!

I really liked this pattern and the apron was soooo quick and easy to make! I also have this same pattern in children's sizes - wouldn't it be cute to have mommy & me matching aprons?!

Another pattern that is very similar to the one I made is Goosegirl's Apron Pattern. The great part about her pattern is that it's available in an e-pattern, which means you can order and have it now! Go check out Goosegirl's blog and see all the cute aprons she's been making - she even has one for 18" dolls that is just too cute!


Goosegirl said...

Laurie, you are just too wonderful!
Thank you for mentioning my apron pattern.
It is not yet out for sale, but should be in the next week or so. It is in the final steps right now.
I will email you a test version in a few days and you can play with it yourself, if you like.

Thank you again so much, my talented friend.

Karen said...

Beautiful apron! I am sure your friend will love that you made her something so special.

julia said...

I love aprons. I never think about wearing one, though. My daughters do, though, so I've made them some.


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