Thursday, April 29, 2010

{Smocked Socks}

Earlier this week, I had a journal entry about something sweet for baby's feet. In one of my photo's was a pair of smocked socks and I had some inquires wondering how to make smocked socks, so I decided to make a tutorial on how to smock socks. 
Here are the smocked socks from my last journal entry.
I am going to just barely scratch the surface on how to smock sock in this journal entry, since I took so many pictures, however, I will post a link to a much more detailed tutorial that I created that I hope you will find very beneficial.
Supplies needed: floche or embroidery floss
ribbed socks & #9 embroidery needles
Using a water or air-soluble marker, mark 2 rows in the center of the ribbed cuff on the sock.
Using the ribbing as the pleats, begin with an up cable on row 1.
Working Baby Waves, carry the needle to the next pleat mid-way 
between row 1 and 2 and work a down cable.
Carry the needle back up to row 1 and work an up cable
Continue working the baby wave across row 1, then work
a 2nd row across row 2
Once completed it should look like this!
These smocked socks look so cute with a pair of 
Add some lace to the edge of some smocked socks for girls!
Add a pretty bullion rose and these smocked socks 
are just as sweet as they can be!
Make a pair of smocked socks to match a smocked bonnet!

I hope I have inspired you to smock some socks! For my full tutorial on how to make smocked socks and how to add a lace edging, please visit Southern Stitches Tutorials Page!


Ellie Inspired said...

Awww! How sweet! Yeah, now I definitely have to try this!

Auntie Pam said...

SUPER Job!!! I need to do some more of these I just need to find a source for the nylon type of socks, my Walmart doesn't carry them any more. I will do silk ribbon roses on the side instead f buillin rses.

Thanks for the picture.

ShirleyC said...

How neat! Thanks so much.

Jeannie B. said...

A very cute and useful lesson. And you know, I never even thought about sewing the lace on by machine. The time I might have saved!! Thank you. Your pictures make me want to make a pair!! This time with lace sewn on by machine.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I just cannot believe how cute these smocked socks are. From now on I will make some for my granddaughter's dresses.

Maite - vitoma said...

Muy bonito.

angie.a said...

How precious are these?? So sweet and just a perfect baby gift. :)

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Now when I think I have seen it all. I think this is so nifty. I cant smock on pleated fabric but I wonder if this would work? Thank you for posting this.

suziwong66 said...

i love these socks! i used to make them for my miss21 when she was little. I didn't put lace on, but i did bead them which made for a nice variation.

Debby said...

Where do you find the socks? Cutest idea I have seen in a long time. Thanks !!

Margarita Chumacero said...

Hermoso trabajo que inspira a elaborarlo,gracias por compartir


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