Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{something sweet for baby's feet}

Today is "Get your craft on, Tuesday" at Today's Creative Blog, so I decided to share something sweet for baby's feet"!
Baby booties rank second on my list for favorite baby accessories - in case you wondered, baby bonnets rank #1 for me! What could be more sweet than to adorn a baby's feet with some precious booties?!
Smocked baby booties from the pattern "Baby Lambs"

Several years ago, I was honored to have my 
Machine Embroidered Baby Booties featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine
I enjoy making booties to match whatever garment I am making - it just seems to complete the ensemble! For this Smocked Bishop and Bonnet set, I made a pair of Lace Machine Embroidered Booties to coordinate with the set - I also smocked the socks by using the ribbing on the socks as "pleats". (tutorial for smocked socks will be my next journal entry!)
Here is another coordinated set that is a little more casual. The machine embroidered booties coordinate with the machine embroidered collar!
Here is a sweet boy's bubble (pattern is Vintage Baby Bubbles by Wendy Schoen) with a pair of Baby Birk's Machine Embroidered Booties.
I have many styles of machine embroidered baby booties available, including Lace, Sandals, Ballet, Mary Jane, Cowboy Boots and even Bunny Slippers! With the exception of the smocked booties, all the rest of the booties featured in this Journal where created on my embroidery machine and are available in all machine formats for all hoop sizes. For more information, please visit Southern Stitches Boutique!


Ellie Inspired said...

Those tiny little booties are so cute! I have never tried smocking socks before. I will have to try it now.

Debbie B said...

I have that Baby Lambs pattern from many years ago. I meant to make them for our grandgirl, but she's already too big for them. She will turn 1 in May. It's ok though. I had a whole tote full of smocked dresses, embroidered dresses & outfits made for her when she got here. I made lots of smocked dresses for our daughter (the grandgirl's mom) and had forgotten that I absolutely love making baby things. So little time....!


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