Saturday, April 10, 2010

Under The Sea!

We had a GREAT time at the Mule Day festivities today! When I got home I wanted to get back at my smocking project because I hope to spend Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in my sewing room constructing! Previously, here is what I had completed:
If you missed the previous journal entry, you can read all about it here. This smocking plate is actually a smocking plate that I designed quite a few years ago, but I will tell you more about that later. I want to show you what I completed today:
I continued my sea creatures by making a Seahorse
...a Starfish
a Crab
...and two little fishies!
I completed my insert by embellishing with some seaweed!
The name of my smocking plate is Under The Sea and my original design was published in Sew Beautiful Magazine, Issue #94, 2004. I have made a few tiny changes to the plate to update it. This smocking plate will be included in my new e-pattern that will soon be ready for purchase. My new e-pattern is an over-haul of the original Under The Sea button-on bib from the original article in SB. My original pattern did not include the button-on shorts, but my new e-pattern will include adorable bubble bloomers! I think you are gonna love it!
Next week I will Journal the construction of Under The Sea showing you how to add piping to your smocked insert, as I construct the garment. I think this is going to be an adorable sunsuit suitable for a boy or girl and it's just in time for summer sewing! I even have an idea for a Bonus pattern that I hope to include with the e-pattern!


Nicole said...

Will you post when the updated plate is ready? I would really like to purchase it! Thanks!

Julia said...

I adore this pattern!

Michie' Mooney said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Looking forward to using it with some of my patterns.


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