Friday, May 21, 2010

{Applying Lace & Pin stitching}

I had several people e-mail me and ask about pin stitching after reading my last journal entry, so I decided to create a tutorial and show you not only how to pin stitch, but how to roll, whip and appy lace in one easy step!

To begin, you will need to starch your fabric and choose the lace edging. I am using a Bernina #3 foot on my Bernina Artista 200.
Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch with the following settings:
stitch width = 4.0
stitch length = 1.5
needle position = 3rd dot from the left
Place the lace on top of the fabric, right sides together
The lace will be lined up to the left of the center prong on the foot
The fabric edge will be lined up to the right of the center prong on the foot
Begin stitching and as you stitch the fabric will roll like magic over the edge of the lace!
         Close up of rolled and whipped edge

Press lace away from fabric

Supplies needed for Pin Stitching:
Stitch 'n Ditch paper
120 wing needle
Set machine stitch to pin stitch, which looks 
sort of like a ladder without one side
You might have to mirror image the stitch, like I did - the "rungs" of the ladder should stitch over the lace heading towards the right.
Machine Settings:
Stitch width = 2.5
Stitch length = 2.5
*please note that these are the settings I used - you might have to adjust the width and length on the project you are working on.
Place a piece of Stitch 'n Ditch paper under fabric and lace
Align the needle so that the left straight stitch line will be directly 
above the lace heading - "rungs of ladder" will stitch into the lace
*Note: I like to use a clear foot for this step, as it makes it alot easier to see where the lace meets the fabric and to keep my straight stitch directly above the lace seam line.
As you stitch you will be able to see the beautiful pin stitching!
When complete, tear the Stitch 'n Ditch paper away
Finished beautiful pin stitched edge!
There are all kinds of things you can do Pin stitching on; the edge of sleeves, around a neck edge, on the brim of a baby bonnet, the edge of a baby blanket, on a hem.....really almost anywhere that you have attached a lace edge, you can embellish with pin stitching! You can read about a dainty diaper set that I made using a corded pin stitch - HERE
I hope I have inspired you try my technique for the roll, whip and apply lace in one easy step and also for creating a pin stitch to the lace heading!
Happy Stitching!!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

You do not know how much I needed this tutorial! Thank you in a "BIG" way for posting it. Now that I have a visual I wont be afraid to try it.

everythingsewing said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial, you make it look doable.


Rettabug said...

You make it look so easy, Laurie! I don't know why I've struggled to get mine so nice looking but it never looks as good as yours. Must be operator error! LOL
Thanks for the very clear instructions & detailed photos.

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog through Elegant Stitches on FB. I LOVE pinstitching! What a wonderful demo! I know where to send several friends now when I can't demo. =)

Lisa said...

I was wandering what kind of thread you are using to attach the lace.Do you always use white thread or do you match the color of the fabric.Also is stitch in the ditch paper the same as tear a way stabalizer?

Donna said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I looked for days for this!!! I looked under pin stitch and found nothing! The words fabric to lace pin stitch got me to you, and exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you Thank you thank you

Laws said...

Thank you so much Laurie, I have been looking for about five years for the pinstitching and lace info. and have at last found it and it makes it even better that I have my Bernina machine like you, to follow all the advice through. So grateful to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial. I have struggled with this for some time but your detailed instructions accompanied with pictures has made the entire process so very clear . Great job!

AMCutler said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm making my first heirloom pieces. I'm working on three Downton Abby inspired Easter dresses for my three little girls. They include smocking, embroidery and heirloom stitches. I think I should have started with an easier project! But this tutorial has really helped out. I love the results!

DangAndBlast! said...

argh, finally tried this and find that my mother reassigned stitches on the Bernina back when she got it, and of course today's computers won't "talk" to it... guess what? the wing needle isn't that great at doing a floral decorative stitch, even when the sticker says it's a pinstitch :) So now off to the Bernina repairman to see if they can do some sort of factory reset on the machine...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really appreciate your great tutorial. I can now finis my grandaughters heirloom dress with confidence:)

Anonymous said...

Manchester UK feels the same as Simple Southern Happiness. Have book marked your page and will refer to this when I eventually attempt to pin stitch lace with my machine. Thank you so much.

Julie said...

Very nice tutorial thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed browsing your blog! Check out our lace & trims website.

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Joyce E little said...

Laurie, read your tutorial on pin stitching and thought you might enjoy my experiment.

When doing the pin stitch I always used the Stitch n the ditch paper as you do, but when pulling it off , it left little scratchy barbs that were uncomfortable to the wearer, if not washed first. So I started looking for something more user friendly.

My husband brought in some Scotts tolit tissue by mistake one day and I thought....Thats it! that is what I have been looking for. It was the original stiff single sheet kind, so I tore off a long strip and ran to my sewing room. I prepared my machine and grabbed a piece of lace and prepared it for the pin stitch. I placed it under the fabric and started sewing, after sewing about 6 inches I stopped and pulled the paper off. It worked! The tolit paper was stiff enough to give the fabric body and when pulled off it left the stitching soft and baby friendly ...also pulled away very clean and non stiff...

Just though you might enjoy reading about my little experiment.. I would love for you to try it and hear feedback on your thoughts about it.

Joyce Little
Elizabeth's Embroideries

Laurie said...

very good! I will have to try that! On the Stitch n ditch paper, if you tear it a certain way, you won't get the little pokies - hard to explain, easier to show.

Susan said...

I was so pleased to run across your blog-thanks to Pinterest! I recently bought a winged needle and need advice as to what are the best stitches on the Bernina to use with this needle? I have the 440, would the number be the same as your model? I was disappointed that my manual doesn't give advice on this.


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