Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
A Mother's Hands
Hands that throw kisses 
Hands that smooth hair
Hands that cook supper
And then fold to prayer.

Hands that wave bye-bye
Hands that wipe tears
Hands that keep busy 
And hands that calm fears.

Hands that plant gardens
Hands that sweep floors
Hands that tie ribbons
And do so much more.

Hands must wash dishes
Hands must make beds,
But hands still find time
For needles and thread,

Crochet and quilting,
Embroidery, too -
Such beautiful skills
These hands find to do.

They work with a joy
That we all understand
And leave us keepsakes and heirlooms
From these loving hands.
~ Sandy Lynam Clough

I hope you all have a very wonderful Mother's Day that is stitched with love!

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Julia said...

Beautiful Post!!!


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