Friday, May 14, 2010

{How to attach a Peter Pan Collar}

I am still working on "The Cherry Dress". My last tutorial showed how to Pipe a Peter Pan Collar. Since some people have trouble with attaching a Peter Pan Collar, I thought I would put together a tutorial showing you how I make mine.
Begin by pinning the collar to the garment - leave facings open
Fold facings back on fold line to top of collar
Stitch 1/4" seam
Take a 1.5" folded bias strip and begin pinning it 
to top of collar, overlapping at facing
Bias strip is pinned all the way around
Stitch with a 1/2" seam

Clip corners at edge and turn right side out, pressing folded bias to the inside.

Pin bias strip all the way around the collar
This is where you can choose to whip-stitch the bias strip down
if you don't like hand-stitching, 
you can top stitch the collar in place
Here I machine stitched the bias in place
make sure you begin and end just to the inside
of the edge of the collar so that the top-stitching
does not show when you fold your collar in place.
That's all there is to it! My Peter Pan collar is attached!
I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and find it beneficial to your sewing! Please feel free to share my tutorial with your sewing friends!
"The Cherry Dress" pattern is nearing completion! I hope to test stitch out a new sample for you next week!
As always, thanks "sew" much for visiting my Sewing Journal!


Simple Southern Happiness said...

So very nice of you to post this. Its total perfection as with everything you do and the tutorial is one I can follow and understand. Thanks Loads!

Sara said...

what a perfect collar!!!!

Laurie said...

I enjoy all the techniques you are teaching us!

Thimbles of the World said...

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Greetings from Poland,

vani said...

Beautiful tutorial!Just a quick note to let you know that I have placed a link to this post in my blog
with Best wishes

Sarah Seitz said...

This is a great tutorial, so helpful! Thanks so much for posting!

Sarah @

Sarah Seitz said...

I used your method and posted about it here:


Katie said...

Thank you so much for this. Altho there are many tutorials for attaching a Peter Pan collar, and not as many using the bias tape technique--yours is the first to truly deal with the "opening"---my intention is to put a pp collar on a blouse with front buttons, & I was clearly stuck on how to manage the front placket.

Shannon said...

This is an excellent tutorial. Thank you!

Cherie said...

What a fanatastic tutorial! Thank you! This helped me.

StarryA said...

Great tutorial, thank you! I am following a Burda Style jacket pattern and the instructions aren't very detailed - I suppose I need more help because it's my first jacket. Thanks again!

Constantin Lucretia said...

Great tutorial, thank you!

Amy said...

So glad I found this! I have a dress pattern w/ peter pan collar that calls for a facing, but I prefer to use bias binding for the neckline, just wasn't 100% sure how to do so with a collar attached. Best, Amy

Amanda said...

Thank you, just what I needed x


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