Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Designer hemming for jeans}

Today's tutorial is how to hem a pair of jeans and keep the original hem intact. This is a technique used by many tailors when an expensive pair of designer jeans have been purchased and you pay someone to hem them. The results are fabulous, so I thought I would share a tutorial in my sewing journal!
My daughter is pregnant for her first baby, and she is very petite. Rarely can she buy a pair of jeans that doesn't need to be hemmed. She recently gave me a pair of her maternity jeans and asked me to hem them. These particular pair of jeans are capri's, but the technique for hemming is the same.
Fold up and pin hem as shown
Using a seam guide, pin hem all the way around the leg
Do not cut fabric yet! With hem pinned in place, 
stitch right smack dab close to 
folded edge of the original hem
Once stitched, this is how it will look
Cut from fold up to about 1/2" from the new stitching line
Place jeans in serger and following the new stitching line
stitch all the way around the leg opening.

All excess fabric will be automatically cut off
and seam will be overcast.
Fold overcast seam to the inside of jeans 
and press with an iron
Top leg of jeans has the new hem and
bottom leg of jeans has not yet been hemmed.
If you look closely, you can see a tiny tuck
just above the original stitching line of the jean hem.
I think the results are fabulous!
If you don't have a serger, you will need to cut off the excess fabric about 1/4" or 1/2" from the new stitching line and then zigzag the cut edge to finish off. 
I hope you find this tutorial very beneficial! It's really a quick and simple technique and it saves you a ton of money from paying a tailor or seamstress to hem your jeans.  You really don't want to run the risk of them maybe not using this technique and ending up with a pair of very expensive jeans that have a very expensive stupid-looking hem!
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Ellie Inspired said...

Great tip, Laurie! My SIL always has to hem everything too. She will love this idea for her jeans!

Julia said...

i've done this a couple of times upon the suggestion of one of my daughters. It really does look great. You cannot replicate the hem any other way!!

Sara said...

Great tutorial!! elizabeth is petite too and I have done this before for her!!

Sara said...

all my comments are disappearing!!!
This is a great tutorial!!!

sharon said...

Laurie, This is such a cool tip. Phil can never find pants that are the right length.This will work out great.

Rettabug said...

I remember when Bunny showed this on her blog & I thought it was the coolest trick.
My sis recently asked me to shorten a pair of capris for her & I tried using this method. It doesn't work too well if the legs are wider at the top than at the hem, like her's were. I ended up doing them the old fashioned way but I was glad I took the time to try it. It will be a great help when doing pant legs that don't taper to a narrower point.

Thanks for showing such good pictures, Laurie. You always do such a great job of photographing your things. :-)

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Laurie, this is great! Although we never buy designer jeans, I still want the hems to look good. My husband never finds his length so I always hem his jeans. Now for a favor, could you put it in a pdf file?

djStoreRoom said...

Thats a brilliant idea!! There is really no way to make a hem that looks as professional as the original one...

Chere said...

What a great tip! One of my grands is also very petite and everything, even bought from the petite section, is always way too long. This seems like it should work with most any kind of pant with a hem look you want to keep. Thank you so much.

Mary Coppola-Griswold said...

This tip could not have been more timely. Just last night I began ripping out hems on 4-pairs of pants - ugh! I left the jeans for today, so I will be trying this technique and will let you know the outcome. This isn't the first time our paths have crossed at an opportune time. So glad to have found you! Thank you!


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