Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Little Man}

I have a sweet new grandson who is due in October, but there is a possibility that he might arrive a bit earlier than expected. With that in mind, I decided that it might be wise to be prepared for "Little Man's" possible early arrival by making a few preemie clothes for him.

Sewing for Preemie is nothing new to me, as I have been involved in the Threads of Love Ministry for the past 6 years or so. Within my stash of patterns, I found three preemie patterns that I have never used. Why haven't they ever been used? Well, when I sew for TOL, I usually stick to preemie patterns within the TOL handbook since they are multi-sized from a 3 oz. baby to full term.

After deciding on one particular pattern to test out, I then started digging thru my fabric stash and found the perfect piece of oh-so-soft knit fabric! It is printed with puppy dogs, puppy dog prints, fire trucks, badges and fire hydrants - soooo cute and perfect for a baby boy!
Preemie Sleeper & Knit Fabric

When I found this fabric, it brought back memories of how it ended up in my fabric stash. I was the lucky recipient of this fabric at a fabric exchange at one of my Pickwick Sewing Retreats that my sweet friend Sara has hosted for a couple of years. I have been saving this fabric to make something very special and I am so happy that it works out so perfectly for "Little Man". I have plenty of it left to make him a blanket and more sleepers and onesies as he grows!
Preemie-Yums Sleeper

The sleeper has elastic at the bottom of the gown. I think that the next time I try this pattern out, I am going to re-draft the pattern to make this a convertible gown. A convertible gown is made so that it is open with the elastic at the bottom, as shown in my picture, or you can snap it up to convert the bottom to legs with elastic at the ankles!

I made the entire sleeper and cap on my Babylock Evolve Serger. I think this was about the quickest little sleeper & cap I have ever made up and it just turned out too cute-T-patootie! I can't wait to try the other Preemie-Yums Patterns that I have in my stash!


kathyk said...

Adorable Laurie, as always! Lindsay is so lucky!


Goosegirl said...

Oh Laurie, they are just so precious! I am praying that Little Man stays put as long as he needs to and that his mama stays healthy and happy too. Your little outfits are so darling.

Karen said...

Little Man will be so warm and cozy in that sweet set! Prayers for mommy and baby have been and will continue to be said.

everythingsewing said...

You always seem to add a special touch to your sewing, must be that of love.


Sew Shine said...

Wow! That IS adorable! He'll be the best-dressed grandson ever!


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