Sunday, July 4, 2010

{Red, White & Blue & a boo-boo!}

Taking another little break in the action from sewing "Jack 'n Jill" to show you a little something that I worked on this past week. I used a very sweet pattern by The Old Fashioned Baby. Instead of using all the wonderful heirloom techniques that are included in the pattern, I decided to use this pattern and make it not-so-old-fashioned, but more contemporary.
The pattern used is Old Fashioned Baby
If you are familiar with this pattern, you may have noticed that I made a bit of a boo-boo on the diaper shirt. If you didn't notice, I am going to point it out to you anyway! Now realize, I could have mirror-imaged my picture in iPhoto and you would never know of the mistake, but I decided to use my mistake to show you that some mistakes just aren't that big of a deal. Since my sewing time has become more limited than it has in the past, I've learned that some mistakes just have to be worked thru and not to sweat the small stuff. When I cut out my pattern pieces, I accidently flipped the pattern front diaper shirt pieces and cut them out backwards, which made for the diaper shirt buttoning on the left side, rather than on the right side, which is how the pattern is instructed to be. Accidents like that happen when you are multi-tasking in your sewing room and not paying attention to important details. I did not want to waste my fabric, so I decided at that point that it really wasn't that big of a deal which side it buttoned on - it's cute, none-the-less! So you see, boo-boo's really can be okay, even when you are a perfectionist, like me!
Diaper Shirt Close-up
made my own piping, and piped the collar and sleeve.
Fabric for the Diaper Shirt is a Nautical Pique that I purchased at Martha Pullen's Retail Store  at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. By the way - click on that link if you live in the Huntsville, AL area - MP's Retail Store will be open July 19-25. 
Appliqued bubble
The bubble is made from the same pattern, only I made a few changes. The pattern gives beautiful instructions for a shell edge, but I stitched a tiny shirt-tail hem instead. The fabric for the bubble is a red, white and blue seersucker that I purchase at Carter's Fabrics in Corinth, MS. This is the nicest seersucker fabric and I'm glad that I bought several yards of this color along with a few other colors!
Machine Embroidery Applique
To complete my contemporary look, I machine embroidered an anchor to coordinate with the nautical print on the diaper shirt. The anchor applique came from Sew Many Designs. I have no affiliation with this company, but her machine embroidery appliques are AWESOME!! As you can see, if you clicked on the link to see the anchor, I modified it a bit. I removed the ring that was behind the anchor just because I wanted a simpler design.
I love this pattern and I'm pretty certain I will be making several more versions of it for my grandson who is due in October!


Sara said...

this was so cute that I never noticed!!!!

ShirleyC said...

The outfit is darling, and who would notice that little boo-boo on a baby anyway?
Sometimes little things like that drive me nuts. I guess it's because I know it even if no one else does.

Karen said...

Darling little boy's suit! No one would ever know that it should be buttoned on the other side. I love the fabrics you used and the applique.

Ellie Inspired said...

So adorable!! And I NEVER noticed the buttons on the other side either! I just finished my largest quilt with a much more obvious boo-boo than that and I don't think I'll even have to point it out to anyone! They will be able to see it for themselves. Ha!

Rettabug said...

Oh Laurie...I sure do love the entire outfit! Especially taken with the really cool effect of your piping made from the seersucker...NEAT!! You always do such a wonderful job.

~~green with envy~~

zandra said...

Hi, from New Jersey. glad to meet another sister.

Julia said...

So sweet and what boo-boo? I once did that on a little girl's dress. No one noticed.

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you for making such a cute outfit out of my little pattern. I love it. And no one really cares which way something buttons!


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