Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{Exciting News to Share}

I have been keeping you all in suspense for too long! It's time to share my exciting news! I have launched a new website! Southern Stitches Boutique has gotten to the point that it is getting too big. I decided that it would be best to create a sister website that will contain only my e-patterns & selected embroidery designs. My hope is that it will make it easier for my customers to view my designs at a smaller website that is devoted strictly to my designs. Southern Stitches Boutique will continue to offer everything that it currently has available, along with my tutorials, handmades, and published freebies! I am thrilled to announce that my new website is called Brer Rabbit Designs!
Brer Rabbit Designs is a quaint little website that was born & bred deep within a burrow in the Briar Patch, where Brer Rabbit lives! Brer Rabbit has been verrrry hard at work in his burrow, creating not only a new website, but his very own blog! I would like to invite you to go visit Brer Rabbit's Blog, where he explains what his blog is all about and the best part is that he has a very special giveaway in celebration of his new website, new blog and his very own facebook page
SewNso's Sewing Journal will continue as it has, but I will keep my focus of this journal on sewing tutorials, vintage garments, re-construction of vintage garments, pattern reviews and more! I am always open to creating new tutorials, sharing new ideas and pattern reviews - just leave me a comment on what you would like to see featured and I will start making a list!
I hope that you enjoy Brer Rabbit's Blog, as much as you enjoy SewNso's Sewing Journal! Many thanks to all my followers and all those who take the time to read my blog!


Jerry said...

Laurie, congratulations on the new website and blog. I think I may be your first follower!

Rettabug said...

Well, aren't you expanding & moving on to new things!! Congratulations on your new Brer Rabbit site.

I'm hopping right over there to check it out. ;-)



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