Monday, August 23, 2010

{pretty in pink}

Last week I designed and tested out my new pattern for a hospital gown - I shipped it off to my daughter, who is 32 wks pregnant and had her try it on. I am pleased to announce that it was a success! YAY! I was eager to stitch up another one with the pretty pink fabric I purchased. I really didn't like the ribbon I had picked out, so bought some more, which I ended up not liking either. While cleaning my sewing room today, (yes, I really do that every now and then!) I found a spool of the perfect ribbon - I was sooo happy! I thought I would share pictures of the newest gown and how it might look with a pregnant tummy! I strapped on a pillow to my dress form, which hopefully gives you an idea of how it drapes on a baby belly! If my daughter allows it, I will try to take pics of her in it next weekend!
Hospital gown on a baby belly!
The front crosses & ties to either side
to make it easy for breastfeeding
A nearly hidden buttonhole allows
for the ribbon to pass thru to
the inside or outside depending
on which side is crossed over
the other.
Inside tie
Crossed to the opposite sided & tied!'s soooo easy!
Snap shoulders makes it easy
to open for any monitors &
wires that might be needed.
Gown snaps all the way down
the back for privacy!

Gown crosses in front to the left or the right!
What I really love about this gown is that it's not only pretty in pink, but it's soooo feminine! The empire waist gives definition to the waistline. This gown is not only pretty, but it's functional; it can be worn with all monitoring devices, including an epidural, so doctors don't have to worry about it interfering with the birth process. It also will make the new mama feel a little more feminine on those long walks up and down the hallway begging for the baby to get a move on! Another great feature is that it opens in the front and it opens in the back - the gown can be completely opened out of the way (while keeping the breasts covered) when the baby arrives, so that none of the birthing mess gets all over the gown, if the mom should decide to wear it during delivery. Another great feature is that it's not just for maternity - this pretty hospital gown would be great for anyone!
I'm so excited for my new grandson to arrive and I think my daughter is going to look so pretty in pink on her delivery day!
Thanks for all of your feedback on this gown pattern from my previous post! I will soon be offering this as an ePattern!
*My next blog post will begin a series on how to smock a bishop from beginning to end including cutting out the pattern pieces, pleating it, smocking it and finishing it! I hope to include much of this as video tutorials! :)

UPDATE: ePattern is available at Southern Stitches/Brer Rabbit Designs


Silver Pansy Designs said...

I love this gown!!!

Am so glad you're going to do the bishop as I am just getting ready to cut one out and I will look forward to your tips.

Angie said...

I really like this gown. I have never made a bishop. Sure hope I can follow you and make one!!

Virginia said...

I love the gown but I'm REALLY excited about the bishop tutorial. I just inherited a pleater and was hoping to try and figure out how to make a bishop as soon as I finish my current project. Hurray!

Shelley said...

This one looks great. Glad to see you are making this an epattern - sign me up!

Kimberlee said...

That is very lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Wow this gown is so beautiful!! I made one before from a different pattern but I love the empire waist and that it ties on the side, it's exactly what I've been trying to design! I look forward to your pattern!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am currently pregnant and would absolutely LOVE to have this during labor. I can't sew it myself for lack of a machine and instructions. Please email me as to how I could get one. My email is
Thank you!!

Robin said...

Is this epattern available for purchase? I'm due in a few weeks and would like to make one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where is this e-pattern?! Help! I must make immediately!

Thuy An said...

do you have a pattern of this ?

Unknown said...

Did you post the pattern?

Laurie said...

It's available on my website -


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