Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so I have had a few people ask why I created Brer Rabbit Designs and Brer Rabbit's Blog. After receiving an e-mail from one of my sewing friends, I decided that it might be easiest to address this on my blog. She asked probably some of the most key questions I have had from anyone. Since I figured there might be a few others out there that had these very same questions, but might be afraid to ask, I decided to blog about it to help answer these key questions ~ Why did you create Brer Rabbit?,  Why would you give up your name recognition of "Southern Stitches"? especially since so many people know you from your exposure in Sew Beautiful Magazine and all the other sewing forums.

Then as I thought about what I was going to write, I had to stop and ask myself the question? “So am I reinventing myself or just rebranding?”
"Reinventing" for me means taking something that was there and giving it a whole new focus.

The dictionary definition for the word "invent" comes from Latin for to come upon or to find - To produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination. So, from that, I understand "reinventing" as literally meaning "finding again". I guess you could say that it has the idea of a completely fresh start, a new way of expressing something - in this case a new way of expressing or manifesting myself.

So yes. I am reinventing myself thru Brer Rabbit Designs and focusing on and expanding something that was already there. 

As I began my journey of reinventing myself, I read something that spurred me on to focus on what is really important to me, what I am passionate about and how that relates to my journey. 

“Learn to navigate the digital waters of social marketing 
to build a business and promote a personal brand based 
around what you love most, and you will only be limited by 
how far you want to sail”.

I looked at all aspects of my life, including where I put my energies in my cottage business. I recognized that my business, Southern Stitches Boutique, was getting very big and going in many different directions. I decided that I needed to build a new "brand" based around what I love most; designing.

That's the reinvention. Taking what is there, all that I've learned along the way and bringing it together with a fresh focus that will drive my business. That's how Brer Rabbit Designs was born. So the reinvention gives meaning to the rebranding.

My immediate goal is to establish my Brer Rabbit Designs site with quality content with an emphasis on classic designs for children. The business will keep it's focus exclusively on my line of ePatterns and unique machine embroidery designs for children. Brer Rabbit's Blog will focus solely on showcasing Brer Rabbit Designs. I will showcase my ePatterns, and unique machine embroidery designs, showing you the many different uses and possibilities with those designs. I also plan to showcase photos from my customers in how they have used my designs in their own sewing creations. I know that besides keeping me focused, I will be part of a community of other designers who are following their passions and I will hopefully build my brand more quickly.

So you might be wondering how all this effects Southern Stitches Boutique and SewNso's Sewing Journal. My focus will continue to be "Fine Heirloom Sewing and Custom-made Embroideries". I hope to add more sewing tutorials that so many have written to me saying how much they have benefitted from them. By the way, if you have any specific requests for tutorials, please let me know! SewNso's Sewing Journal will continue to showcase projects that I am currently working on, pattern reviews from many different designers and tutorials. I will also continue to share heirlooms and my vintage recreations. So, you see, I am not giving up my name recognition with Southern Stitches Boutique, I have just added a new dimension to my business. I'm excited about this, as it opens the door for new possibilities with my designing line. 

P.S. Please don't forget about Brer Rabbit's giveaway - hop on over to Brer Rabbit's Blog for all the details!


Sara said...

YOu really nailed this!! One of my favorite quotes is from Gwendolyn Evans in Where Women Create magazine, who said "Never be afraid to reinvent yourself, and always move forward"
I done some reinventing of myself lately. It is essential to us creative types who want to stay in business!!

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you for your comment today. I am delighted to discover your blogs. I enjoy sewing for my daughters, so I am sure I will find some helpful resources here.


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