Thursday, August 5, 2010

{Vintage Boy's Rompers}

I have been sharing with you some of the vintage children's garments that I have in my collection. These classic vintage garments is often what inspires me to draft patterns. Today I want to share with you a couple of the boy's rompers that are in my collection. Neither of them are family heirlooms, they are just boy's rompers that I have picked up in my antiquing because I fell in love with a particular technique that was used on them. Both rompers are c.1930's-1940's.
Boy's Vintage Romper
Close up of romper front
This is one of my favorite's in the collection. I love the tucks on the front and how they vary in size and placement. The blue embroidery and blue scalloped edging on the sleeves and collar is just as sweet as it can be! I also love the belt and how it looks cute buttoned in the front or back.
Classic White Romper
Close up of Romper front
This is another favorite - actually ALL of them are my favorite!!! This romper also features tucks on the front. The front of this romper also has pulled thread work, which I love, but have never mastered! There is just a tiny bit of embroidery in a hint of blue. The belt is really cute how it buttons back on itself in the front.
One interesting thing that I have noticed about vintage rompers is how very few, if any, have elastic legs - they all seem to be very short shorts. I really don't know why this would be, other than it was just the style back then. 
Jack 'n Jill is nearing completion. Thank you all for your kind remarks and e-mails to me wanting to know when it will be ready! I just have a few things to tweek, then it will be ready to go! I am also working on another little business venture before I launch Jack 'n Jill. I hope to tell you more about that exciting news in a blog post soon!


Rettabug said...

Laurie, its just darling with that special trimmed collar & the great embroidery on the front! You've got a wonderful collection of vintage pieces. Thanks for sharing them with us.

You are just FULL of little hints about what is to come, huh? I'm dying of curiosity, now!!!! Stinker!


Ellie Inspired said...

These are beautiful rompers! I double-clicked on the close up pictures to see the drawn thread work and the embroidery better.

I'm wondering about your news too.... :)

Sara said...

love those rompers!!! Can't wait til you finish the jack n Jill!!
And your surprise!!


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