Monday, September 27, 2010

{Smocked Bishop - designing a smocking plate}

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, contrary to what you might think! :) I have been busy designing a smocking plate for this lesson series. It takes lots of work, much patience and a bit of perseverance to graph and design a smocking plate from scratch! It actually can be quite a time-gobbler, not to mention the mathematical equations it takes to get it just right. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to working on things like this and I have deleted and re-designed my graph paper several times! I think I finally have it right, or at least I'm happy with it at this point! I wanted to share a peek at my computer-generated smocking graph paper, so you can see what I have been up to and why it's taking so long to post the design.
I am using Numbers, which is a mac program that is very much like windows excel. After much tweeking, I finally got to where I could actually start filling in stitches on my graph. Many of you might be familiar with my excel smocking graph paper that I designed several years ago and wonder why I decided to make new graph paper. Well, the answer is easy - I am now mac-crazy and I like to play with programs on my MacBook - haha - actually, the reason is that I wanted to create a smocking graph paper that actually showed the cables, making it easier and faster for me to create smocking designs! Building the graph was not fast by any means, but now that I have my graph built, it does make it much quicker to create the designs within the graph.
I am still working on finishing up the design, and I am going to start smocking these first few rows to make sure that it's what I want the final draft of the smocking plate to be.
I started at the center front with an "up-cable" and I am working across to the right side, then I will invert my work and pick up the thread tail I left at the back of the fabric and will finish out my row on the left side.
I am using DMC Perle Cotton #8, which is my favorite for smocking geometric designs.
I hope to have my final smocking plate completed for this lesson series this week. I will then post the smocking plate on my blog (and eventually will post it at my website) so that you can get busy smocking your bishop. After the smocking is complete, I will do a video tutorial of completing the construction of the smocked bishop dress!
I would like to invite you to visit my other blog, Brer Rabbit's Blog, and see Brer Rabbit's Fun Fabric Find!


Sara said...

you are too too smart, kiddo!!!

Anonymous said...

When you designed your first graph, I could barley navigate the computer. Now I have a Mac as well. I only wish I could figure out all this computer stuff that you do! :) Way to go!!!


Modista Modesta said...

How wonderful. I've always wanted to learn to smock. I love you blog! Wonderful inspiration to get started.

psanders72 said...

Is there a computer program you use to create your smocking plate on the graph paper or do you do it by hand?


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