Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{almost done!}

I'm still up on Cloud Nine with the birth of our 2nd grandson, but I have managed to get back to my smocking plate that I am designing for my Smocked Bishop Tutorial. I thought that I would give you a few sneak peeks at the design. I hope you like it! :)

It's almost done and I hope to finish up my smocking and get the design completely graphed tonite! Once it's graphed, I will take pictures of the finished smocking design and post the graph so that you can download it and get working on your smocked bishop!


Aunt Honey said...

Congratulations on your new grandson. I'm still putting things into my grandbaby hope chest -- One day they'll get used!!

Can't wait to get started on the bishop.

everythingsewing said...

Congratulations on the birth of a new grandson. Nothing is better then the birth of a new baby.


oregonpatchworks said...

I would only say awesome embroidery... very nice

Pat said...

Dear Laurie
I really enjoy your sewing journal and thankyou for all the smocking tips you give us. I am working on the bishop dress with the sweet petite posies pattern and I'm going to buy the plate from you.I enjoyed looking at your sewing room and your cat Annabel. The steps to make the bishop on the video were excellent and very helpful, particulary blocking the neck correctly which is where I'm up to. On my pleater Sally Stanley I have half and full space rows and I notice your pleater has only full spaces.How do you keep your work straight as the first pattern row looked as though it was worked in between rows.Pat from Sydney Australia


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