Friday, November 19, 2010

{bishop completed!}

We have finally reached the end of my Smocked Bishop Tutorial! Here is the completed dress!
I hope this lesson series has been fun and informative. I will keep the Smocked Bishop Tutorial link on my blog so that it is easily accessible from the tabs at the top of my blog. Please feel free to share my tutorial with your friends and favorite forums! I would LOVE for you to share pictures of your smocked bishops - send me a picture and if you have a blog and I will post your pictures and link to your blog if you have one! :)


Southern Gal said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I plan on working on a smocked bishop for my granddaughter. Right now I'm helping a friend get caught up on her orders of ruffle pants so there's no time! I'm thinking for Easter. Thanks again.

Rettabug said...

Ta-Da!!! Its BEAUTIFUL, Laurie! Very nicely done & extremely well taught, too. Thank you!

I wish Caroline was still little enough to wear bishops. :*(
I may just make one for her AG doll, for the fun of it.
Must first finish her Christmas dress, though. (Pascal, black velvet bodice, cream satin & organza skirt, beaded faux belt)

Marianne said...

Your tutorial has been my textbook as I am completing my first bishop for my new granddaughter. Things are going well except I don't like the look of my pleats over the shoulder seams. I narrow serged the seam but the pleats look too fat on the top side. What is your secret? Thanks for your great tutorial!

Laurie said...

Sometimes when the pleats look a little fat on top of the shoulders, you can adjust the look within your smocking by how you smock the "fat pleats", which can then make them look like they are the same size as the other pleats. This is difficult to explain and much easier to show in person, but hopefully you can visualize what I described.

Tori said...

Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial...I am almost done with my daughters bishop! All thanks to your tutorial! Well taught thank you again! Tori Cookeville, TN

Karen said...

Thank you sew much! I have been smocking but have been too intimidated to try the bishop dress but I love the look. The plate you made is gorgeous and I think I'm actually brave enough to give it a try.

Thanks again for a fantastic tutorial and all the freebies.

Mary said...

Laurie, thank you so much for your smocking tutorials. I have just made a smocked bishop for my daughter's Easter dress, and I could not have done it without you. If you'd like to see it, here's a link to my blogpost:

Thanks again! You've been so generous with your knowledge.



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