Monday, November 22, 2010

{news flash}

It's a rare morning that I turn on the early morning news, but the morning of September 8th was a different morning, as for some reason that day, I turned on the early morning news. I saw a very interesting clip that morning on Diane Von Furstenberg, who was launching a redesign of the traditional hospital gown. 
Diane Von Furstenberg's new design
This clip grabbed my attention because I had just finished designing my own new design for a hospital gown. I wrote an email to wkrn news, which is our abc local Nashville news channel and told them that I enjoyed the clip about the hospital gowns that morning and that I also had just designed a new style hospital gown. I sent them a link to my blog post of when I was designing my new style hospital gownThe gown that I designed was specifically made for my daughter, who is a labor & delivery nurse and she also was pregnant for her first baby. Imagine my surprise when I  immediately got an email in return asking if I would be interested in being featured on "Positively Tennessee", which features locally owned businesses and economic success! I was thrilled at the opportunity to get the word out about my newly designed gown and the possibility of marketing them. I wrote back and said that I would be interested! They set up a date and time to come to my house for the interview, and then panic reality sunk in - "what in the world have I gotten myself into this time?!" LOL!  
The day arrived quickly when Julie Kroenig and her cameraman showed up at my house to do an interview. I was both excited and nervous! They were at my house in my sewing room for nearly two hours! I was thrilled that they covered pretty much every aspect of my sewing, along with the main feature about my hospital gowns. If you didn't see it posted on facebook,  here's the story:

I made two gowns for my daughter when she recently had her baby. She wore one for labor & delivery and then she had another fresh new one for after she had her baby. She received many compliments on her Trendy Hospital Gowns while she was in the hospital.

For more information on The Trendy Gown, please click here!


Ginny said...

Is there any chance you'll eventually offer this as a pattern as you alluded to in the original post?

Rettabug said...

Congratulations on being recognized & featured on Positively Tennessee, Laurie! I think your pretty hospital gowns are a wonderful idea!
I always HATED how those awful open-backed-flapping-in-the-wind gowns made you feel. NOT good!

Yours are MUCH better! :D

Elisabeth Rose said...

That news story is great! How exciting to be featured that way. Your gowns are beautiful. I wish that I had made one in time for my last baby, 5 months ago. Your daughter looks pretty in her pink gown. Congrats on being on the news.

Laurie said...

Thanks everyone!
Ginny - I am not sure right now - my problem all along has been how to get this pattern to even work right as a pdf pattern - it does not lend itself well. Paper printed patterns are very costly and it's something I will have to do alot of research on.
There are several doors opening with this design and I am exploring all the possibilities.


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