Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Christmas Memories & a Party!}

In my last journal entry, I showed the very first dress I ever smocked. It didn't take long for me to get hooked on smocking! That very first smocked dress led to many, many years of smocked dresses for my daughter! 
Today I want to share the first Christmas dress that I smocked for my daughter, Lindsay. This was also my first picture-smocked dress! I also want to invite you to a Party, but more about that at the end of this Christmas Memory story!
I believe this picture was taken on Christmas in 1983. Can you believe that I still have this dress?! Yep, many people call me a pack-rat who saves everything, but I just couldn't part with some of the dresses that I put so much time, love and energy into! Every once in awhile, I do go back thru all those saved dresses and weed out - one day I might get the dress collection under control!
I didn't probably use the best of fabrics back then, but I guess I also have to take into consideration what types of fabrics were popular in the early '80's and this probably did follow the trend.
 As I mentioned before, this is the very first picture smocking that I did. for this design, I did use a pattern. It came from one of the Big 3 Pattern-makers (can't recall which) and I still have the smocking designs (there's that pack-rat tendency again!)! There were maybe about 6 different smocking designs in the envelope.
I modified the design to fit into the full yoke of the pinafore by adding smocking up by the shoulders. I remember at the time that I didn't have a clue about back-smocking and the pattern didn't give any instructions at all about that, so I had to figure it all out on my own. Remember, back then I didn't have the Internet at my fingertips to look up that information - for me, it meant going to the library or bookstore and looking up books on the subject. Isn't life just easier now that we have computers and the internet to instantly get the answers to life's questions?
I did a little experimenting when I made this dress and created a smocked pocket for the front of the pinafore and trimmed it all out in handmade piping!
I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas Memory and now I want to tell you about the Party that you are invited to!
You are invited to a Party!
On Monday I will be hosting a Linky Party on my blog! The Linky Party will be named "Monday Memories~the Spirit of Christmas Past". I want all you bloggers out there to dig up a handmade from a Christmas Past and blog about it - take lots of pictures and tell all about it, then come on over to my blog and post a link to your blog post in my Linky Party! This should generate lots of traffic to your blog and we all will have alot of fun hopping from blog to blog to see what kinds of handmades others made in the past! Sound like fun? If it's a success, then my plan for the next 3 Monday's before Christmas is to do all 3 of the Christmas Spirits, so start planning out your next 3 weeks of blogging and join in the fun! Please invite everyone you know to my "Monday Memories" Linky Party and help me make it a success! By the way, this is the very first Linky Party I have ever had, so I appreciate all the help I can get in making this a success!! All the info and rules on participating in "Monday Memories" can be found HERE


Sara said...

Loved reading this story about your first christmas smocked dress!! This was such a sweet dress on Lindsey. The blog party should be so much fun to see all the creations.

Prissy said...

I could not believe my eyes when I saw your post. I have the same exact pattern (it was a McCall's Craft pattern) for the smocking, although I bought it for the pink rose trellis. And I still have the pattern too. I suppose we're both pack rats. Enjoyed your post. Really enjoyed the trip back in time!

Hugs, Prissy


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