Friday, December 31, 2010

{It's a New Year with New Goals!}

2010 into 2011
New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back at the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes or goals we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes & goals. I have to admit, every year I make my own little list of goals for the coming year and rarely do I actually follow thru. Maybe sometimes I set my goals too high, or maybe it's just that life gets hectic (and you wouldn't even believe how hectic my life is) and I'm just not able to follow thru on the goals...what ever the reason, I don't always reach my goals. This year I am setting some goals that there is no reason that they can't be attainable for me. I am going to seriously work hard on these goals because some of them are goals that I have had in mind for several months. Since this is my Sewing Journal, I am going to just share my sewing goals for 2011. Here are my top 10 in no particular order:
  1. Spend at least 8 hours in my sewing room per day - ok, wait, I will settle for spending whatever time I can get in my sewing room per day, because that is attainable!
  2. Write a book - yep! you read it right, one of my BIG goals for 2011 is to write a book, and yes, it is sewing-related! Oh, and not just write one (or two), but to have it published!
  3. Get all the designs & patterns that are in my head onto the sewing table and in my computer so that they can become real patterns, not just ones that are stuck in my head - and yes, I have alot of them stuck in my head!
  4. Get all my ePatterns as paper patterns and available to distributors.
  5. Learn new sewing techniques and teach more sewing techniques on my website/blog thru tutorials.
  6. Market my Trendy Hospital Gowns.
  7. Get to know my serger better - I have an amazing serger (Babylock Evolve) and it does some pretty amazing things....or so I've seen - I'm determined to learn more of what it's capable of and then sharing what I learn on my blog!
  8. New designs for boys is another BIG goal - especially since I have two grandsons!
  9. Weed out my sewing stash - yep, I have just toooooo much stuff, and in 2011 I plan to purge! The best part of this goal is that many of these purges might be found in giveaways on my blog!
  10. Keep sewing room organized so that I am not wasting valuable sewing time looking for something that wasn't put away in it's proper place!
So, have you made any goals for the New Year? I would love for you to leave a comment and share at least one of your New Year goals!
Thank you "sew" much for reading my blog - I am both honored and amazed at the amount of traffic that I get on my blog! I look forward to gaining more traffic in 2011 and beyond!
Happy New Year 2011!!!


The sewing room said...

Happy new year,that is a big list i hope you do publish a book and get your e patterns done along with the rest of it i would love to buy your book i hope when you do it is available over here so i can purchase one.My goal is to use up my stash too its a case of i cant see the wood for the trees to much of every thing so i intend to use up as much as i can and not buy any more for a long time.

Hugs Pat

Susan said...

You are inspiring me for 2011. I also want to become friends with my serger and use up some of my stash. I need to spend less and sew more. Susan VH

Laurie said...

I would like to get back to doing some sewing for myself, but the kids stuff is so cute!

Weeding through the stash and being organized is on the list.

The big one will be to make those beautiful outfits (for children) that I just dream about.

Learning new skills such as smocking. I spent some quality time with my ruffler the other day to find the "right mix" to produce a ruffle.

Thank you for sharing your sewing knowledge with us!

Sue said...

I have similar goals minus the writing the book thing :)

My sewing room is pretty organized but I want to organize my fabrics more by color.

But spending more time in my quilting room is a must. That would probably be my main goal for the year:)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Stephanie said...

I look forward to reading your book! Happy New Year!

Martha said...

Happy New Year, Laurie. Those all sound like fabulous goals. Good luck with them all.

I hope your new year is a blessed one.

Jeannie B. said...

I enjoyed reading your goals. It is so true that we spend more time looking for things just because we don't want to take the time to put things away (or there is no place to put them!). Can't wait to see your re organized room. Happy New year

Julia said...

Good luck with your goals for 2011!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Laurie - I know you can achieve the things on your list! I wish you much success this year.

I am totally with you on #7 - I have the same serger and it is apparently smarter than me! I just need to get out my fabric and play I guess! Best wishes for 2011!


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