Thursday, January 13, 2011

{decorating with quilts}

I love decorating with quilts because they tend to add warmth and comfort to the home - warmth and comfort that I have especially needed this week! Nothing warms up a room, or gives it more character than a quilt.  
If you missed my initial entry on quilts, you can catch up on the beginning of my quilt "exhibit" here.
Handmade quilts, especially if made by a family member, are cherished heirlooms that deserve a place of prominence in the home. Rather than storing them away in a trunk or letting them get raggedy and torn by overuse as a bedspread, treat them as pieces of fine art to adorn a large wall or drape over a stair railing.
This beautiful 9-patch quilt was handmade by someone in my family from another generation. Altho I don't know exactly how old the quilt is, it is in remarkably good condition compared to some of my other heirloom quilts. I do like to move my quilts around in my home every now and then, but most often this quilt is hanging from the landing at the top of the stairs in my front foyer.
I particularity love the colors in this quilt - the muted pastels are so soft and Spring-like! If I had to give this quilt a name, I would call it "Sweet Pea". 
The entire quilt is hand-quilted and I can appreciate all the work that went into it. I love to closely examine heirloom quilts at the stitches that the quilter made. It's fun to imagine where she was and who she was making the quilt for. I also wonder how she obtained her fabrics to make the quilt - perhaps from old feed sacks or worn out clothing. 
The color and pattern in quilts are an obvious benefit for home decorating - they can brighten up and balance out a room and make it feel welcoming. Quilts can give genuine physical, and even emotional, comfort to the rooms in which we live.
I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my favorite heirloom quilts. I hope to share at least one per week. Meanwhile, to keep my fingers warm, I have been working on a project!


Sue said...

I am really loving your quilt posts and you are right...quilts are warm and inviting and should be used to adorn the home.
I have often wondered what the stories were told while making the quilts. You know women sat around and gossiped just like they do today:)

Your handwork is quite awesome. Don't think I could ever do that!

Julia said...

Beautiful quilts. They should be seen, so it's great that you are decorating with them.
The smocking looks so pretty. Can't wait to see the whole dress.

MyNorth said...

Using quilts to decorate is like giving a room a hug.
Can't wait to see your smocked project!


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