Monday, January 24, 2011


Rats! Don't you just hate it when you don't have the color bias binding or piping that you need and you just hate to make a trip to the store? For me, it often means about a 30 mile trip one way to get to a fabric store that has the type of supplies I need. Today was one of those days and the last thing I wanted to do was to drive that far for piping - after all, it cuts into my sewing time!! I needed to make some piping and I needed it NOW! I went to Hobby Lobby, but that ended up being a wasted trip, as they didn't have the color I needed. I bought a yard of fabric in the color piping I needed and headed home. I decided I would make my bias strips "the easy way" and see how it went for me and make a tutorial as I went along. I know I have seen this on someone else's blog recently, but I was wasting precious sewing time blog-hopping to try to find who's blog it was - never did find it, but I thought I could remember the steps to make it! So, the bonus for today is that I am turning this into a tutorial! Oh, not just a regular tutorial, but I created something cool for you! You can watch this fullscreen, download or print it - I'm pretty sure you can even upload it to your mobile device - now how cool is that?! 

I'm calling my tute

The tutorial should be in a window right here, 
if you don't see it, click HERE!
Just a note to add: I made my bias 1" wide - this tutorial will work with any size bias you want, just adjust the size. This bias tutorial will work for quilters as well as any sewing project that you need bias or piping for! Please feel free to share my tutorial, all I ask is that you please provide a link back to my blog and/or website - it would be much appreciated!
I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! 


Fonville Farm said...

Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial! It makes me want to go make some bias tape!

Sue said...

I hate it when you have to make a run like that. It means a good deal of distance for us too and yes, it does cut into your sewing time.

Okay.. I may be brain dead, but I didn't see your tutorial..I know it's late but....

Kathy in KS said...

I didn't find the tutorial either. I love your tutorials, thank you for taking the time to teach through your blog. Many of us are not able to travel to some of the classes & schools on smocking and all things sewing. I feel like I can have a private class anytime I want to!

Esther Grant said...

Excellent, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you Laurie!

Pam Marshall said...

Thats the method I use. You made it smplier.
I love your tutorials.
I also have to drive a distance and then its not always the quality I need. Can't even find a someone who teaches Picture smocking with out driving 80 miles.


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