Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{use your talents!}

Last weekend and the first half of my week has been nothing short of amazing, and it's enough, that I just need to share it on my sewing journal. On Saturday, I attended a Ladies Event called Escape at my church. First and foremost, I have it say, it was! Our speaker was Alison (McCreary) Genglebach, who was not only Miss Alabama, but third runner-up for Miss America in 1997. She was an amazing speaker and I am thrilled that she is a member of our church and that I will more than likely get the opportunity to hear her speak again! 
I was asked to give a small presentation on Threads of Love. I set up a table in the foyer, which was loaded with beautiful items made by many, many talented ladies.
I was also asked to give a short presentation. I was allowed 3 minutes to present the Thread of Love Ministry - well, quite honestly, that's just impossible! I also had a lot little bit of stage-fright at the thought of trying to stay within the time limit. I decided the best way to conquer my fear time issue was to create a video that could get all that I needed to say within the time limit. I was thrilled to get over a dozen ladies sign up to be a part of the Grace Threads of Love Ministry! Some of my readers might not know what Threads of Love is, you can watch my video
Just a note - this video is currently being completely edited (yep, by me) for the National Threads of Love Chapter, so that it can be used for Threads of Love Chapters all of the world! Pretty cool, huh?!
On Sunday morning, I delivered one of our Threads of Love packets to a friend at church, who has a friend who recently lost a baby - soooo sad, but sooo glad that this ministry exists to minister to families such as this. 
Pastor Mark's message on Sunday was all about using your talents for the Lord. God gives us all talents, and if you don't use your talents for Him, you run the risk of losing those talents. God has given me many talents, one of which is sewing. I love babies and I love to sew, and even tho it's very heart-wrenching to think about babies dying, I am so thankful for a ministry such as Threads of Love where I can use my sewing talents to minister to precious babies and the families that lose those precious babies.
After church on Sunday, I was the recipient of a very unexpected random act of kindness in the drive-thru at Zaxby's! When I got to the drive-thru window to pay for my order, I was told that the person ahead of me, who had just drove off, had paid for my meal. That was soooo unexpected. I certainly didn't need someone to pay for my meal, but it showed me that someone else was using their talents in a whole different way to minister to people! Pretty cool, huh?
On Tuesday, I got a call from someone that there was a huge need for gowns to be taken up to our local hospital. I was in the middle of something, but I stopped everything and started getting together Threads of Love packets for the hospital. Thankfully I have a few groups of women who make and donate TOL items to me!!! One of the groups that makes gorgeous smocked and heirloom gowns is the "Sew Many Things" Chapter of SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America). I'm "sew" appreciative of their willingness to serve by using their sewing talents! 
I have to admit that I had been dragging my feet a bit on getting gowns up to the hospital, because the perfectionist in me wanted the packets to be "just so". I realized at that moment that for parents dealing with the death of an infant don't need things to be "just so" - more importantly, they need whatever we can provide to them. I managed to compile 135 items into complete sets of gowns, caps, booties, blankets and more for 26 families who either lose an infant or have an infant in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at our local hospital! Here is just a sampling of the type of items we provide to our local hospital:
bereavement sets
neo-natal sets
Without the help of many, many people, this ministry would not exist! One of the best things about the Threads of Love Ministry is that you don't have to have any special "talent" to be a part of this ministry. We have a saying "if you can count to five, we can use you". There are many, many jobs within the Threads of Love Ministry, and who knows, you might even find out you have a hidden talent!


Teri said...

Your work is beautiful and full of love!

Sue said...

That is just touching, Laurie and God is blessing you for using your talents for Him.

Very great post:)

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a lovely thing to do, making such beautiful garments for the poor little angels. I'm sure all the bereft parents really appreciate your work.

Jeannie B. said...

How wonderful your chapter is, to do this work. I loved seeing it. It is such an important ministry and one close to the heart of many women. Did you know that Threads of Love started in my church First Presbyterian in Baton Rouge?

Julia said...

What a blessing your group is giving to these families!

Fonville Farm said...

God bless you! I gave birth to a precious little stillborn baby boy last April. I was so thankful for the little blanket and a teddy bear that I was able to take home with me. You have no idea what it means to be able to have something in my possession that my baby boy touched. I would love to help out in what ever way I can. I am pregnant again with a little girl due March 21. This time everything is going wonderfully. I have a daughter that is 16 years. When she was about a year old I learned to smock and made her many dresses. I've just recently started smocking again and wish that I had never stopped!
Please let me know how I can get involved.
Thank you,


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