Friday, February 11, 2011

cold, wintery days & the great depression

Middle TN has been blasted with snow and cold again - it's been a bit of a rough winter for us and it seems to be dragging on. Yep, these cold, wintry days can put a whole new meaning to "the great depression". Hehe! I really can't complain too much tho, because we just don't get the snow and cold that other parts of the country get. Even tho it seems like winter lasts forever here, our winters are much shorter than most. One thing I do enjoy on cold winter days, is curling up in a chair with a hot cup of tea, some hand sewing, my kindle or my macbook and wrap up in a nice warm quilt!
The corner of my little world!
Today I am going to share with you one of my most treasured quilts! The quilt in my chair is the only quilt that I have from my side of the family. The other quilts I have shared on my blog have come from my husband's side of the family. I don't have any quilts from my side of the family because my mom is hogging all of them - haha! Just kidding, mom! Anyway, this is a very treasured quilt in my collection and I am happy to share it on my blog today!
It's not very big, but it's the perfect size for a throw
 - the perfect size to wrap up in on a cold winter day!
The blocks on this quilt are very interesting....
...and even more interesting is how the blocks
are connected together.
My grandmother on my dad's side was a seamstress and my grandfather was a tailor. My grandfather had more suits than any man I have ever known! Each of the blocks in this quilt are made from old suits & scrap fabrics from the many suits that my grandfather made and wore! 
I don't ever remember seeing my grandmother making the quilts, but I always remember seeing them at her house. My grandmother made at least two of these quilts. My parents have one of them and I am honored to have the other one! Each block is connected by using different colored yarn and a very tight blanket stitch, giving such an interesting and colorful effect when you look down the rows of blocks.
What else makes this quilt special you might ask? Well, my grandparents lived thru The Great Depression and I think that is the period of time when the highlight of the history of recycling began. Every aspect of this quilt is a perfect example of recycling. Each block with scraps of different wool fabrics and bits and pieces of different colored yarn were used to create this beautiful and cozy-warm quilt. It's unique and I love it for that!
When it's not in my lap, this quilt hangs on a stair railing in my house, giving warmth to the decor!
I hope you are keeping warm in your corner of the world! Spring will be here before we know it! We are expected to be in the 60's next week and I can't wait!


The sewing room said...

What an unusual quilt,very interesting use of material,you are lucky to have things like this passed down to you.

Have a great weekend hugs Pat.

Raige Creations said...

what a gorgeous quilt! and the fabrics used and the story that goes with it makes it even better!
My grandmother made quilts during the Depression also, out of mens suit materials from her brother's store (he owned a men's clothing store). She also used fabric leftovers from the pajamas she made for us, so it was neat to be wearing the pj's and having the fabric in the quilt. Thanks for sharin!


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