Wednesday, March 2, 2011

planning, sewing or done?

For many of you, Easter sewing is in full swing - you are either still in the planning mode (like me), in the sewing mode (I wish this is where I was at) or in the already done mode (it would be a miracle for me!). One thing on my side (and maybe yours, too) is that Easter is not until April 24th this year. This is giving me some extra time to procrastinate plan out my Easter sewing projects. 
This is just a sampling of fabrics I am thinking about using for my Easter Sewing projects. I am just mad about plaids, and especially plaids that include shades of blue!
I love classics, especially for babies! I have several great patterns for boys that I am considering. I also have a great idea rolling in my head for a new ePattern for boys, just need to find the time to draft it! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can squeeze in a little time sketching my idea before the weekend. I then hope to work on drafting a new pattern on Saturday!
I have two little guys to sew for this year - one is a 5 month old and the other is a 3 year old, who is a bit of a challenge to sew for. He just isn't the jonjon type boy, so I have to come up with an idea for him that can coordinate with the design I have in mind to draft for the baby. It might just end up being a fabric coordination tho, and that is ok. I'd love to get a few pics of the boys together in coordinating Easter clothes this year!
Ottobre design has some adorable designs for infants and children and especially toddler boys. I plan to dig thru some of my magazines and see what kind of ideas I can glean from the pages! 
Isn't this just too cute?
Just typing this post is getting me even more excited about Easter sewing for my grandsons. I love picking out the fabrics, the pattern and deciding on smocking or embroidery, then putting it all together into something very special. I'm anxious to get started with my Easter sewing, how about you? Are you in the planning mode, sewing mode or already done mode? Leave me a comment below and tell me which mode you are in. I'd love to hear all about your Easter sewing project(s) for the special little ones you sew for!
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Did you know that Southern Stitches is now starting to carry the sewing supplies that you need for your Easter sewing and smocking projects? I have the most dreamy white heirloom batiste fabric you could ever lay your hands on! More fabric and notions are being added as they come in too! 
For those who like to have their Easter sewing projects made a little quicker and a little easier, Brer Rabbit Designs has "ready-to" kits available!
BRD's ready-to-smock kits are becoming a very popular item, especially for those who have followed my Smocked Bishop Tutorials and/or YouTube channel. 
Just a few days are left to enter into this giveaway, for this great pattern!


Sue said...

I am glad you told me that Easter is in April this year. I thought it was in March! :D

I'm sewing and crafting like a house on fire, but not for Easter!

Enjoy your day!

Emily M said...

I'm in the Easter sewing mode. For our littlest grand, I've pleated a blue pique bishop - smocking today!For her 3 year old sister, an aqua smocked toddler apron dress with a poodle! 18 mo grandson will sport plaid shorts with a spring sweater vest. Embroidered bloomers for the girls and maybe hairbows will complete their outfits!

Jo said...

I've picked my pattern (prairie rose smocked dress) and bought my fabric. But I'm forcing myself to finish my current project (last summer's smocked sundress) before starting the Easter dresses. It's REALLY hard to wait!! But this may be the only way that sundress will get done!

The sewing room said...

Making and smocking for our holidays at the end of june so l have a bit of a later deadline than Easter.I love Octtobre pattern books too.

Hugs Pat

Julia said...

I've gotten 2 dresses done, 2 in the works, another dress to go, and 2 little boys ensembles to do! I always get excited when Easter comes later rather than earlier!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh!!! I would love to stay home and sew, craft, quilt, draw all day!!! *sigh*
You do inspire me to get more sewing done. :o)

It will be fun to see what you decide to create for those little guys :o) And fun to see them wearing what you created.

Blessings & Aloha!
I truly appreciate you coming by and taking a peek at my Cathedral Windows quilt tutorial, especially your sweet comment since it is coming from such a skilled and talented seamstress!! I'm on my way over to your wonderful giveaway :o)

kathyk said...

Hi Laurie

This brought back some happy memories of sewing a special Easter dress for Kristin and Tammy, one was aqua and the other peach....satin with ecru lace trim.....I spent so much time on those and the girls looked beautiful! I sure hope I took good pictures of them, probably in the slides we need to convert!



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