Thursday, April 21, 2011

easter sewing for boys

When you think of Easter Sewing, you probably think more about dressing the girls, rather than the boys. Let's just face it, there just isn't a big range of choices for boys, like there is for girls. Sewing for boys can be a bit of a challenge. I am also here to tell you that it's not only a challenge, but sewing for boys seems to take twice as long! Jon-jon's, or short-alls just don't magically go together quite as quickly as a pretty little dress. I complicated things even more by deciding that I would draft a pattern, rather than use other jon-jon patterns that are readily available. Why did I do that? Well, my main reason was that I like to challenge myself, wanted a short-all that looked like it was a shirt separate from the short-all, but it's actually one complete connected garment. 

One thing I really dislike about most jon-jon's is that the shirt is separate and that can cause some real issues. Probably what really annoys me the most, is when the shirt rides up all over the place and you are constantly tucking it in.  I resolved that issue by attaching the shirt to the shorts portion of the garment.

Another issue I don't like is straps that tend to fall off the shoulders. My straps are stitched in at the shoulder and attached to the back waist of the garment.

On the front of the garment, the bib of the short-all makes it appear that the white shirt is separate from the shorts, but it is magically attached at the waistline.

I did not sew buttonholes, since there was no real need to do it.
The button holds the straps in place.

My goal was to find a solution to the issues I have with a shirt being separate from the short-all and create a new pattern that resolves those issues. This entire project was sort of an experiment and I am really quite pleased with how it turned out! It will be so much quicker and easier to dress the baby in this one-piece garment. There will be no issues of a shirt riding up, or shoulder straps slipping off the shoulder on Easter Sunday! By the way, I made this a snap-crotch too, making it quick and easy for diaper changing!

Here is a little closer picture of the front of the bib portion.

I double-whipped stitched the collar and you 
can grab the tutorial for that technique here!
I also created a smocking plate to go with the brown & blue plaid fabric.

"Caleb's Chocolate Easter Bunnies"

This smocking plate, along with the one-piece short-all pattern,
 will be available soon from Brer Rabbit Designs!
*     *     *     *     *     *
So, I finished up this garment and had my youngest grandson all taken care of for Easter. My next dilemma; what to dress my 3-yr-old grandson in. He's just not a "suit" boy, or a "jon-jon" boy - quite honestly, he would look ridiculous in either of those choices. I now had another challenge set before me - what to make for him that would suit his personality. His style is more of a casual-preppy look. I pulled out an older issue of Ottobre Design. I found exactly what I was looking for, then pulled out the pattern sheet. Seriously, have you ever tried to trace off one of these patterns?!?!
Umm, yeah, it's a nightmare!!!
Somehow I managed to find all the correct lines to trace and then got busy cutting out fabric and sewing. The instructions aren't the best to follow, but then, who really follows the instructions, anyway? I was a little worried the shorts would not be the right size, especially since the sizing chart is all metric.  I was so relieved this morning when my grandson tried them on and they fit him perfectly! In fact, he didn't want to take them off! After a bit of convincing, I got him to take them off and put them back on my "kids with no heads", a.k.a. dress forms, until Easter Sunday.
So, here's what my two grandson's will be wearing on Easter Sunday!

I can't wait to share with you pictures of them
 in their Easter garments!


gina said...


Your a genius! What a great idea you had for the one piece. It looks fantastic!! Can't wait for the patterns!


Unfurled said...

The outfit is adorable. I love the bunnies. So sweet! And I don't know if you've ever seen Japanese sewing books, but they come with pattern sheets just like that. Such a challenge! But it's so intriguing to think you can "extract" the pattern, and come up with such a stunning garment!

Laurie said...

I really like the one piece jon-jon idea. Maybe Mr. Preppy would like a vest? Hard for me to say though. You know him so much better than I do grandma. :-)

The pictures will be fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the one piece "jon jon and shirt" I hope it goes up to a size 3. Jonathan is busting out of his size 2s. Will there be an unsmocked version so appliques or monograms can be added? Can't wait to see them modeled.
Kathy (Kreolemom)

Sue said...

You are a genius! I love the one piece! Oh so cute. All your fixes make such perfect sense:)

Sara said...

I just love both of the outfits for the boys!!! They will look darling!!
The jon-jon pattern is a GREAT idea!! love, love, LOVE it!!!

Shannon said...

The little jon-jon is adorable. Great idea to make it all one piece!

Seams Charming said...

Wow! That is a wonderful idea for a Jon Jon! I can't wait until this pattern is available!

Nancy Lee said...

I love this little suit, it is so cute. Thankyou for sharing, i am now going to check out you tutorial on whip stitching the collar!


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