Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fashion

As the world was caught up in The Royal Wedding, I think I was more caught up in the fashion of The Royal Wedding! All eyes, of course, were on the bride's dress — and it immediately became the stuff that dreams are made of. A plunging neckline added an edgy touch to an otherwise traditional dress with lace-covered sleeves that ended at the wrists. The simple design of her dress really was quite stunning, but I think what caught my eye more was the maid of honor & the flower girls.
Tradition dictates that one should never wear white to another woman's wedding, but I have to say that Pippa's dress was pure elegance as she guided the troupe of flower girls into Westminster Abbey this morning.
The gown was demure enough for the formal occasion without compromising on style or overshadowing the bride. 
The slinky white cowl-neck dress showed off her slender figure, with the cap sleeves keeping it youthful. The back of her dress, revealed as she carried Kate's train into the Abbey, was studded with tiny silk-covered buttons.

I think I fell instantly in love with the flower girl dresses! The white full-skirted flower girl dresses were classic and traditional. Echoing Kate's dress, they were made using the same fabrics. The dresses were hand-finished with delicate English Cluny lace, visible under the skirts, and four layers of net underskirt.  The puff sleeves and neckline were trimmed with the same English lace as the bride's underskirt, while the backs were finished with the same button detail. The full, box pleated skirt was used to add a sculptural quality, with the layering of ivory over white satin gazar adding depth of color.The sashes were made of pale gold wild silk, tucked at the front and tied at the back in a sumptuous bow. As a special memento, each of the four girls have had their name and the date of the wedding hand-embroidered on to the lining of their dresses.
The girls wore ivy and lily-of-the-valley hair wreaths, inspired by the headdress worn by Kate's mother Carole Middleton at her wedding in 1981. White tights and satin Mary Jane pumps with Swarovski crystal buckles by the Devon-based Rainbow Club completed the classic look.
The pageboys, who were dressed in the Regency-style red tunic of a Foot Guards officer, echoed William's formal Irish Guards attire in red jackets with gold braiding. The look, which dates from the 1820s, draws its insignia from the Irish Guards. They have Irish shamrocks on the collars and the buttons feature the Harp of Ireland surmounted by the Crown Imperial.
The boys wore ivory breeches with white stockings and black buckle shoes in accordance with tradition.The look is completed by a gold and crimson tasselled sash around the waist, usually worn by officers in the Irish Guards when in the presence of a Member of the Royal Family. The collars and cuffs were created by the Royal School of Needlework, a place I can only dream of visiting someday!

Pippa appears to have been a calming influence on the children, who were all impeccably behaved throughout the journey and the ceremony. Can you imagine the fairytale dream these children were experiencing today? I'm sure it's a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget!


Sue said...

I enjoyed the whole wedding! I also was taken with Pippa's dress. I loved everything about it. It doesn't hurt that she has the figure to pull something like that off :)
I enjoyed the message of the ceremony as well and only hope that they are committed to what was spoken .

Jeannie B. said...

I enjoyed your commentary on the Flower Girls and Bridesmaid Dresses. All beautiful!

Sara said...

I just loved reading your information on the gowns!!!! I am glad to get to see a better photo of the flower girls dresses!!
The entire wedding party's clothes were stunning!!

CAS said...

The ceremony was lovely to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for your wonderful description of the gowns & all the details that only a well-versed seamstress would know about.

Laurie said...

You did a wonderful job of describing the young ladies attire. They are beautiful! I've always enjoyed pleats and thought it wonderful that the Royal School of Needlework was represented. Maybe more people will be inspired to stitch.

Esther Grant said...

A wonderful ceremony indeed, leaving doors wide open to a promising future. Such a treat to read your detailed description of beautiful design, fabric, lace, accessories and needlework. It is good, sometimes, when fairy tales really do come true!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Your narrative on the beautiful wedding finery was wonderful! I missed the wedding, but did get to see a bit of it on a search after I got home late last night from work. Thank you for sharing all the details on the clothing.

Blessings & Aloha!

Sewing Junkie said...

As in Diana's wedding to Charles the dresses were all white. They said that English tradition is that all the wedding party wore white and typically they all had very young bridesmaids. This is a different take on what we consider a traditional wedding here in the United States. It was a lovely Fairy Tale Wedding for sure. Chris


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