Friday, May 13, 2011

crisp, clean and oh so fresh!

I am totally changing gears from my last blog post to share a favorite find! One of my pet peeves in the sewing world is to see a beautiful garment somewhere online or on a blog and see that it has not been pressed. ~~Wrinkles~~wrinkles~~ everywhere! I can't emphasize enough the importance of ironing as you work on your sewing projects. The importance of ironing and pressing your sewing creations was recently a topic on a friend's blog that is well worth reading. Along with ironing is the need for spray starch. This is a must-have item in my sewing room and I seem to run out of it all too quickly. I love working with crisp fabric as I sew - it just seems to make sewing so much easier. A well-pressed and starched garment presents itself so much better than the same garment full of wrinkles and creases.

Last week I was at my local Bernina Dealer, Sewing Machine Station, in Brentwood, TN and I saw a bottle of this:

I LOVE spray starch, but I get tired of the aerosol cans of spray starch that leaves white flakes of starch on the fabric, not to mention the nozzle getting clogged - soooo annoying. Many of you are probably already familiar with this product. All I can say is that somewhere along the road I missed this stuff and when I saw it the other day, I knew I had found a better alternative!
Mary Ellen’s Best Press - The Clear Starch Alternative; is described as; This is a clear starch alternative with soil guard and wrinkle resister. Makes ironing easier; wonderful scents; non-flaking even on dark fabrics; non-clogging; acid-free; leaves no residue behind; relaxes stubborn wrinkles; gives clothing a crisp. new finish, makes clothes soil-resistant; does not attract bugs and makes fabrics look like new. The best part is that it is Made in the USA. This 'stuff' makes ironing easier, smells delightful, and it doesn't flake, even on dark fabrics. Since it is in spray bottle, gone are my days of throwing away a can of spray starch just because the nozzle is clogged!
The first thing I tried it on was a new dress shirt of my husband's, and I gotta say I really love this stuff! It relaxes stubborn wrinkles and it gives clothes a crisp, clean and oh so fresh smell. It says it even makes clothes soil-resistant....anxious to see if that really holds true tho!
I bought the 32oz refill bottle and added my own spray nozzle - saving me a bit of money from purchasing it in the spray bottle, since all they had were small spray bottles. With the larger refill bottle I am able to make up a couple spray bottles so that I have spray starch both in my sewing room and my laundry room. All the fragrances were pretty yummy, but I chose Linen Fresh.  
I frequent a few alot of blogs and found one that has a recipe for making your own spray starch. She said that her's smells exactly like Mary Ellen's Best Press, but at a fraction of the cost.
I might give her recipe a try and do some comparison to see. Meanwhile you can click on the picture and read her blog post and grab her recipe. I think it's a great idea to make up for your sewing or quilting group!


Barbara said...

Laurie - I love, love, love the lavendar scent. Have you tried the Niagra in the spray bottle. I have used it too and like it. Isn't it amazing some of the things that make us smile??

Diane Hitchens said...

I love this product too! The Fresh Linen is great :)

Sewconsult said...

I, too hate to see unpressed clothing. I also hate seeing collars or cuffs that do not have well turned corners. One of the reasons that I don't buy many "in the hoop" embroidery design/items is because they don't produce crisp turned corners.

I will have to try the pressing product. Thanks.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Jan M said...

I have used the Best Pressed for several years and love it! I am one of the crazy people who actually loves to iron!
Thanks for the recipe. That sounds very interesting.

Nicole said...

Where can you buy it? Do you have to purchase online?

Nicole said...

Where can you buy it?

Laurie said...

Nicole, If you click on the link within my blog post(click on the word Mary Ellen's...), it will take you to amazon, where you can order it. You can also find it at Hancock Fabrics and probably other stores. I purchased mine at my local Bernina Dealer.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about this new products that seem to pop up. Thanks for the review - I'll be purchasing some when my current cans of starch run out. :)


Amy said...

In one of Wendy Shoen's books, she had a nice long section about ironing and the proper way to iron. Anyway, she commented, "Spare the iron, spoil the garment." That little saying stuck with me and years later, I still hear it in my head as a iron whatever it might be that I'm sewing on.

Goosegirl said...

Yep! You know I adore ironing Laurie! I will go check out the best press recipe! I love my spray starch but I love learning new things too and saving money is always good.

Jan said...

I swear by Best Press! I work at Hancock Fabrics and it's my fave product in the whole store. I never iron without it! I'm so busy I don't have time to make any from scratch. But those who do, more power to ya girls.

Claire Meldrum said...

It's sounds like a great product. A good press makes *everything* look better. I'll have to investigate and see if it's available in Canada, too.
Either that or figure out which one of my US friends really loves me and can be counted on to act as my temporary mail box :)



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