Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hello, my name is Laurie...

...and I am a fabricolic! Ya know, I'm really not sure if a 12-step program would cure me of all the fabric I continually enjoy adding to my Textile Resource Center (fancy words for "fabric stash")! I love fabric. I love the feel of fabric. I love the color of fabric. I love the texture of fine fabrics. I love pretty fabrics. I love collecting fabric.....ok, I said it! I admit that I really do love to collect fabric....even when it's not for any specific project!

Haa! I only wish my stash could be this organized!
Maybe if I win THE contest, mine can will look this nice!
psst! please vote for me!
Anyway, I stole that picture from a pretty blog called

you really should visit this blog!
Anyway, back to my obsession with fabric, I wanted to tell you about
 My friend Terri over at 

is having a GREAT sale!

You simply MUST check it out - she has
some beautiful and fun fabrics! 
One of the fabrics in her sale is a fabric
I used to make my newest pattern
shown here:
This is one view from a new 

...that will be available as soon as
Brer Rabbit can finish writing the instructions!
Psst! If you are on facebook, please go vote for me! Voting ends at midnight the 25th!


Sue said...

That fabric stash looks like mine :)

Laurie said...

Well then WOW Sue, you are one organized lady! I wish I could be "sew" organized! It's a gorgeous stash, that is for sure!

Kristyne said...

Oh hello Laurie! Nice to meet you. And of course I don't mind .. in fact, I'm honored! So glad we found each other. Good luck with the contest ;)


Laurie said...

Hi Laurie,

My name is Laurie too. You know how I feel about fabric too..... We call the American Sewing Expo Fabricaholoics Anonymous.

Fabric is truly an addiction.

Jan said...

I've told some people that I enable myself and I like it that way. Who would want to give up their fabric, not I. There's some therapeutic about going into a fabric store/quilt shop and looking/touching all the beautiful pieces. Takes my stress level down.

Laurie said...

I "sew" agree, Jan! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have the same addiction! HEHE! My problem is when I visit the 'Mom & Pop' shops. They always seem to have something that NOone else will;)

Dawn said...

Laurie, now I wish I had waited to re-do my sewing room. What a great contest!..but I never win anything anyway so it's a good thing that I re-did my studio on my own now it's like having my very own fabric shop in my house and I love it!

Good Luck, i hope you win!!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Nice to meet you Laurie! I'm an embroidery thread-o-holic, so I quite understand you!! Sadly, we've been v low on funds of late, so I haven't really had a good stash development splurge for, gosh - it must be over 2 years already! I NEED a job!

Love your fabric resource centre - wonderful name and very pretty display.=)


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