Tuesday, May 3, 2011

something very special

Remember this blog post? I said I was going to share "something very special" in the next blog post. Oops! I completely forgot! Shame on me, because what I meant to share really IS special and should not have gotten lost in the shuffle of things! Lucky for me, I have some faithful blog followers who help to keep me on track! :)
As you remember, last month I attended the 3-day Gail Doane class with the Sew Many Things SAGA chapter, in Franklin, TN. If you missed it, you can read Part One, Part Two and see what I made in the class. I have yet to finish the hat of "Sweet Baby Jane", but that's for a future blog post. Anyway, I was totally blown away when the chapter presented blessed me with a table full of gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous Wee Care items. I am continually amazed at what this SAGA chapter can accomplish individually and as a group! They certainly demonstrate what I call "Wee Care for Threads of Love"

I was honored to stand with this wonderful group of ladies from the Sew Many Things SAGA chapter who worked so hard to make all the beautiful gowns, blankets, caps, memory envelopes and "sew" much more! I can't thank them enough for all their beautiful and generous donations! They truly are a blessing to me, as well as to the families who are the recipients of their handiwork. What they do becomes "something very special" for the families  whose lives are touched by their generosity. 
The table was just full of the most beautiful handmade items you have ever seen! All the items will be used in bereavement and NICU packets for our local hospital to give to families who experience the loss of an infant or have an infant in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Such a beautiful display of handmades!

 Gorgeous gowns, memory envelopes, hats and caps!

I just loved the vintage dolls & the unique ways 
that the gowns & hats were displayed!

Beautiful selection of such a variety of gowns
blankets & miscarriage wraps
for both boys and girls!
I was also honored to attend a sewing workshop last Saturday with the Sew Many Things SAGA Chapter. Our numbers were small, but we accomplished much! I am so very thankful for this group of women and my local Threads of Love Chapter, as well as some other groups who all have willing hearts to sew for charity! They truly are "something very special". For more information about Threads of Love, please watch my video:


Sue said...

Such beautiful work, Laurie and for such a wonderful cause. I know firsthand just how much these acts of kindness mean to those who suffer the loss of a little one or who may have a babe in NICU.
What a blessing.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a wonderful bunch of ladies to do such lovely work for the little angels.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

These are such lovely and treasured items for the parents who have to live through such anguish. The ladies are very dear to do this. Our Wee Care items are not nearly as gorgeous, so we'll have to step up our efforts!

Sara said...

what a wonderful array of beautiful heirlooms for special families to cherish!! Many thanks to your lovely friends for honoring you for such a great cause!!!


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