Friday, June 10, 2011

A little lace insertion tute!

Summer is just about here and yep, I am a slacker! I can't believe it has been 2-1/2 weeks since I have written in my sewing journal! Summer does keeps me pretty busy, but I am going to put in the extra effort to make sure I keep up with my sewing journal. I enjoy sharing the projects I am working on, and I hope you will find a bit of inspiration. If you are one of my facebook 'likers', then you have followed along with me as I have been working on a project. I decided to use the pictures I took and make up a little lace insertion tutorial to share. 

I am using the most yummy fabric you have ever seen!  It's a very soft pink "fairy" fabric - otherwise known as Swiss "muslin" or Nelona. The first step in my project is to get the fabric on the straight grain. To do this, you have to pick out one thread of the fabric and start slowly and carefully pulling the thread the whole width of the fabric.

Once you pull that thread out, it will create a channel. Carefully cut down that channel, and then your fabric will be on the perfect straight grain.

I am now working on creating a lace band. The band has three separate pieces of lace that I am joining together. To accomplish this, I am using my #10 foot on my Bernina and I have set the machine at a narrow zig zag stitch. The two pieces of lace are butted together and there is a little blade that goes between the two laces, helping to join the two together.

I repeated the previous step and adding another piece of lace insertion to the lace band that I am making.

The laces are now joined together and I have a beautiful lace band that is ready to stitch into my project!

 The first step is to measure where you wan the lace band sewn into whatever you are making. Pin the lace band on top of the fabric. I know it's hard to see, but my lace band is being pinned to the soft pink fairy fabric. The next step is to stitch a narrow zig zag stitch on either side of the lace band attaching it to the fabric.
After the lace has been zig zagged down, you will then cut away the fabric from behind the lace. Be very careful to not cut into the lace band! Cut close to zig zag stitch, then press fabric away from the lace band.
Place a piece of Stitch 'n Ditch paper (or tissue paper) behind the lace. I first stitched another narrow zig zag stitch down either side of the lace band. I then set my machine to a pin stitch and using a wing needle, I stitched down either side of the lace insertion band creating a beautiful entredeaux stitch.
 Here is what the finished lace insertion band looks like!
My next step was to pleat the fabric!
Stay tuned to my sewing journal - I will be sharing more about this project!


Mona @ la la by mona said...

I haven't sewn anything heirloom style in a few years. I really miss it, but it overwhelms me sometimes. I guess I just need to practice, practice, and do it some more! Thanks for sparking my interest again!

The sewing room said...

Thank you for the tutorial it makes sence when you do it so l have just ordered an edge joining foot and it should be with me by Thursday,but l have one queery what is a wing needle please it looks realy good and l love the finnish it gives. Thank you have a good week hugs Pat

The sewing room said...

Forget my last question silly me,l have just googled it and now l know and l have ammended my order for my sewing feet to include a wing needle so thank you for opening my eyes and for broadening my horizones l am realy excited now and l love learning new skills,l can not thank you enough.

Hugs Pat.

Elsie said...

Laurie I have a question, what is a pin stitch. I have a Janome 8000 and I am not sure which stitch would be a pin stitch. I love your blog, you are a great teacher and I do appreciate your time you put into this blog. Thank you so much.
I love the fabric you are using and I will have to travel an hour to the next town to get some. We have Hancock Fabrics but they don't carry a good grade of linen or anything of that type. I am so
glad to see how to use my wing needle, now I don't have to "wing it" LOL.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You are truly an amazing teacher! How beautiful that insert looks. (I also was wondering what a pin stitch was.)

*sigh* wish that you lived nearby to maybe take some "lessons" from!

Blessings & Aloha!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am so happy that I found your blog. I have done some machine french, so this was so interesting. I loved smocking clothes for my daughter when she was lung.
Happy Sunday.


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