Monday, August 8, 2011

shadow work {by machine}

One of my favorite types of embroidery is Shadow Work Embroidery. Shadow work is a very subtle and interesting form of embroidery.  As the name would suggest, the basic idea is to use sheer fabric where only the barest outline of the pattern appears on the surface and the crisscrossed threads underneath show through, thereby creating a "shadow" pattern.  It is the opacity of the threads being worked on sheer fabric which defines this form of embroidery more than any single stitch or color combination.  Shadow work is very versatile and looks both delicate and complicated, but it is really quite sturdy and easy to do.  This effect can be used in a variety of ways with a wide array of designs and themes.  The hardest part is choosing your design and laying out the way you will approach it. Several years ago, I created shadow work machine embroidery designs that look very close to shadow work that is created by hand. Creating these designs by machine is very quick and easy and, as you can see, results in a beautiful design!
This is a design that I created for my friend, Mandy, who I might add, has the most beautiful family you have ever seen! Mandy has a pretty nifty blog that you can check out HERE
Back in February, when I met Mandy, I was featured on her blog with a giveaway. In return for her featuring me, I made a tiny preemie gown for her baby, who was expected to be born premature. I decided to use my machine shadow work and create a pretty little daygown that the baby could wear for Mandy's sister's wedding.

The pattern I used is Anna & Andrew Baby Dress & Day Gowns by Bonnie Blue Patterns. The pattern features dress and day gowns with button closed backs for easy to dress styles. Five sleeve variations include heirloom techniques and are available short or long sleeved. A slip pattern and embroidery designs are also included. 
The shadow work designs are combined from two of my Brer Rabbit Designs sets - Shadow Work Script Monogram and Shadow Work Bows & Bouquets. My machine shadow work designs are soooo easy to do and the results give that added hand-embroidered look to a garment. 
Mandy has given me permission to post a pictures of her precious baby in the gown, and what a precious baby she is!!!

Meet Gabriella!

Soooo Angelic!
If you would like to learn how to do shadow work by hand, please check out my tutorial HERE! To see more pictures of the dress, go HERE!

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Your skill and creativity are limitless! How sweet and special is that little gown on a sweet and special little one. I'm off to check out your tutorial!

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you so much my friend for your very kind comments on my little quilt.'s a matter of waiting for those future grandbabies :o) ...well, that gives me time to get other little quilts completed. And I still have yet to try my pleater! Oh how I wish you lived right aroung the corner :o) ...but your tutorials are wonderful to go to.


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