Thursday, September 29, 2011

digitizing 101

The art of digitizing is truly an art! When you learn to digitize you open up a whole new world of embellishment possibilities! The most important step in learning how to digitize is familiarizing yourself with your digitizing software. Your software, and how you digitize will either make or break your design. There are loads of different types of digitizing software available - some are easy to learn and some not so much. The software I am most familiar and comfortable with is the Bernina Embroidery Software DesignerPlus. When I first starting digitizing years ago, I started out with version 1 of the Bernina Software and found it very easy to learn. I have since moved on with each new version and now work with the latest version, which is version 6. Once you are familiar with your software you can then begin to master the basics of planning the stitching sequence and design. It is best to begin with a simple & basic design while you are learning. I have drawn a simple gift box for this tutorial and will take you thru the entire process from artwork to digitized design. 
Since I have gotten quite a few requests for a tutorial on digitizing, I decided to put a simple and very basic tutorial together for you. It was easiest to just make a video as I was digitizing my design, so that you can move thru the whole process right along with me. Sometimes the best way to learn is just by watching someone else do it. Please keep in mind that the software you are using will be somewhat different than mine - unless, of course, you are using the Bernina Software. My hope is that this will at least help you work thru your own software to begin digitizing your own designs. I am providing you with the artwork that you can save to your computer and pull into your software so that you can practice after watching my tutorial.
I hope this tutorial inspires you to try your hand at digitizing! Please excuse the bit of static sound in the background, I am not sure what caused that and will work to correct it in future tutorials. My plan is to create more digitizing tutorials with more advanced digitizing techniques in the future!

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laurianne said...

Great tutorial Laurie! I've been looking for a tutorial like this. I can't wait to give it a try.


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