Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the sewing room experiment

Sometimes "accidents" in the Sewing Room, results in new Sewing Room Experiments to figure out how to correct the accident that caused you to even have to experiment in the first place! Is your head spinning yet? Yesterday was a good day and a bad day in my Sewing Room - or maybe I should say, it was a bad day and a good day. 
My day began as thinking what a great idea it was to have a full day to sew whatever I wanted - no pending jobs, no deadlines, just me and my sewing machine - the whole day! YEA! I decided that I would do some fun machine applique for my grandsons. Key word here is "fun" - it ended up being anything but "fun". All "seemed" to be going just fine when I got started. I picked out the design, the fabrics and hooped a shirt, ready to go! I started stitching the design then...
Accident #1: I looked away from my machine
Accident #2: looking away from the machine resulted in the embroidery foot pulling up a hunk of the shirt, which I didn't see because of Accident #1.
Accident #3: The needle & foot were stuck in a mess of shirt
Accident #4: Cutting threads loose to get the needle and foot released
At this point I was not a happy stitcher - and I certainly wasn't going to take pictures of the mess I had made. This all happened because of Accident #1 - I looked away from my machine! It could have easily been avoided, had I kept my eyes on the stitching - grrr! This is where my "problem" of multi-tasking sometimes results in issues!
So, I get everything un-stuck and resume stitching.
Accident #5: Hoop is now out of alignment and not stitching in the correct area.
I turn off my machine, restart, then scroll thru to where I need to continue stitching. I finish the design, not real happy because of all my accidents, but hey, I got it done and it looks pretty decent....then I look closer and see stuff like this:
 Fuzzies poking out!
 Fabric pulling away!
 Areas I tried to "fix"!
Those are all things that REALLY annoy me when I am stitching out any design!
What REALLY took the cake tho, was this:
Would you just look at that?!?!
Now what pray tell am I suppose to do about that?!?
I do my best to ignore that portion of the mishap and and worry about how to fix that later - I can always embroider an acorn or little pumpkin to cover the holes - no biggy deal. I choose to look on the bright side - the shirt isn't a total loss - it's still pretty cute:
Ok, Yeah, it has flaws that bug me, so I thought about
it all evening last nite and in my head I came up with a solution.
Today, I had a Sewing Room Experiment that resulted
in Sweet Success!!! Check out my new
Machine Applique Tutorial!


Debora McFearin said...

Thank you Laurie for the tutorial. I have had more than a few of these accident and you are right about not turning away from your machine.

Nanax12 said...

Thank you for the great tutorial! I have shyed away from applique' on t-shirt knit especially, think I'll try it again! Kathy

Laurie said...

Yes, thank you Laurie. I found this very interesting.

Goosegirl said...

Super cute! And I have a tendency to point out all mistakes too. It makes my hubby nuts! But I think the shirt is darling!

Eileen said...

Wow! I think this is much easier than trying to trim the fabric after it is stitched. Thanks for another great tutorial!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I watched your tutorial twice :o) Great idea! Great usual. Cute train and pumpkin :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Debbie B said...

All I can say is I've been there too! Yesterday in fact. Same thing - pulled in part of a dress I was appliqueing an initial on for our 2 yr old grandgirl. Was able to fix it, thankfully. Today, the same gold thread that kept breaking last night broke twice in the middle of stitching out a kitchen towel. GRRRRR! But, I'm gradually learning and that's what counts.

Claire Meldrum said...

Laurie - I love what a difference the re-ordering makes. My appliques are so much cleaner now and not having to twist and turn and snip with the fabric in the hoop is marvelous! Thanks for a great tutorial!


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